There are days when the world seems rosy. It could be a rainy day or the sun is high up in the skies, a sunrise by the beach or just snuggling up to your partner while watching his sleepy face, or just the day after your head has been ravaged by a headache, but each such moment is worth savoring. Yet, there are days when even a silly comment or someone’s banter drives you up the wall, when you yell at someone insanely for something minor. When you sit back and think later, the actual thing which caused you to erupt was actually so trivial it may make you feel rather foolish. Perhaps, it is the perspective that needs modification. Do we need a fresh way to see things?

Here are three things I would do to change the way I see things:

Cultivate positivity and trust: While the world is on the path of paranoia and distrust, wars and battles, insecurities and jealousies, it would be a welcome change to see things with optimism. I certainly would like to feel more positive and trust more easily. Before I go out and blame the world and its citizens for my misery, I think I will begin at home. If news affect me, I need to detach myself. If only negativity floods social media then why am I adding to it or getting affected by it? So, I guess, what I am saying is that I need to see better. I need to be more relaxed and easy going and not beat myself over every minor thing. I think positivity will naturally flow. I also need to do this because I don’t want my children growing up believing that doom is about to descend upon this world. I want them to still believe in the larger goodness of human beings. There are so many things to enjoy. We just need to get better vision.

Strive for mindfulness: Personally, I feel that there are times when I am just doing too many things at a time. Reading my book and checking my mails every few minutes. Watching a TV program and simultaneously glancing at my phone. Eating my food while my mind is focused on something else. It is not as if I am a jet setter or working every minute. It is just that I’ve become so used to multitasking or being preoccupied by things simultaneously. How do we do justice to even one task then? How can we be productive at our work if we are constantly engaging with our smartphone? But who will draw the line? You and I. Hence, I need to do things mindfully. Eat and look at the food. Talk to the kids and actually listen to them and respond. When I am doing my work, I need to be there completely and this applies to umpteen other activities. Mindfulness and being there in the moment is what I am trying to achieve. I am sure, it will help me focus better, be more aware and certainly be happier. It will change the way I do and see things.

Take charge: I’ve realized that all of us are really good at armchair activism. We all know what exactly are the problems around us and know the solutions as well. Cynicism and frustration sets in when we don’t see things happening or changing the way we want them to. I think the disconnect is somewhere in us not knowing the full picture and the challenges that accompany implementation of any change. The only way to bridge this gap is by doing something on the ground. Volunteer in a social initiative, with an NGO, in your own community, teach a child during weekends, support causes both by spreading awareness and by contributing and so on and so forth. This will help bring empathy in us and a better understanding of dealing with social issues. I have been doing this in small measures since a long time now. Not only does this give immense satisfaction but it is also the only way in which we can contribute to nation building. I wish all of us would do that. Trust me, it will change the way we see things.

The video above will let you see things completely differently. Do watch it. It is really short. How often we take things we have for granted? The power to see things one way or the other is a precious gift. Let’s all play this game of stare and blink that we played in the childhood. Only this time, we pledge something more. We pledge our eyes, the gift of precious sight for someone else who will see long after you and I are gone. I have pledged my eyes. Would you #Dare2Stare?


Some facts about eye donation

  • Only corneal blind people are benefitted from donated eyes.
  • Corneal blindness is the loss of sight due to damage in the tissue covering the front of eye called cornea.
  • Anyone can donate their eyes irrespective of age,sex and blood group.
  • The cornea should be removed within an hour of death.
  • Every eye donated can save the vision of two corneal blind people
  • Donated eyes are never bought or sold.

Please pledge your eyes today and become a registered eye donor. Do you take my challenge to #Dare2Stare?

Eye pic courtesy: Freedigitalphotos.net



26 Thoughts on “Change the way I see things #Dare2Stare

  1. Certainly a worthy cause! I have pledged to donate any and all things that could be used from my body. As for the earlier part of your post, I agree the world has become more suspicious and cynical, but I might add, with good reason. It certainly doesn’t hurt to see things in a more positive light, though.
    Debbie D. recently posted…DELPHI: GREEK ODYSSEY PART VMy Profile

    • Me too, Debbie, all my organs. So wonderful of you. Yes, the reasons may be good but like you said it never hurts to inculcate some positivity about even the bleakest of situations. Thanks so much for reading.

  2. A great initiative. I have pledged to donate my eyes and body parts too. I just hope that the folks at home remember to do it at the right time!
    As for trust and positivity… Trusting people does not come easily to us now-a-days. We assume so much and look at people through the big tangled web of cynicism and guesses that we have woven in our mind. Oh yes, we can do with a lot of positivity around us. Mindfulness…. I was making tea early morning today. I had to refill the small sugar container. Guess, what did I do… I poured the sugar from the large container in the cup which had milk. So a cup of sugar with milk is now cooling off in the fridge and I am thinking of ways to use it! Our minds are so preoccupied and being in the moment is far from our thoughts and actions.
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…Move OnMy Profile

    • hehehe I could not stop laughing at that incident. Mixing salt and sugar has led to some hilarious episodes here as well. Seriously, we need to slow down a bit and take it easy. Think of it, we are not that busy just used to being in a hurry. Yes, trusting people is so tough nowadays. I sometimes feel so embarrassed because my first instinct is to doubt a helping hand. How cynical have we become! And then I realized that the kids were getting even more untrusting. While we need to teach them to be cautious, somewhere things tend to go overboard. You are such a wonderful person for donating your organs. I have done it too. Makes one feel so good, na.

  3. this is a great initiative
    kamar recently posted…Cannes 2015: Aishwarya Rai stuns with her eleganceMy Profile

  4. Be optimist, live in moments & taking responsibility of ones deed! Great post with practical steps to change our lives for good. Attitude only matters 🙂
    Ravish Mani recently posted…Laughter – The Language of MysticsMy Profile

  5. Thanks for sharing and glad that you wrote for a cause.
    Parul recently posted…Love Turns 9!My Profile

  6. You have taken up a very good cause. Worth applauding and following.
    Somali K Chakrabarti recently posted…Brand Story Kit Kat – Take a breakMy Profile

  7. Why eyes alone and why not other organs if they are in good shape? After all they are going to be burnt.I liked your appeal.While these days many donate, there is still some hesitation in donating and lack of awareness among the poorer sections.
    KP recently posted…Truth prevailsMy Profile

    • KP Sir, this particular campaign is focusing on eye donation. I have donated all my organs and hope others do too. After all they will turn to dust after death. If they can be of use to someone then what could be better than that.

  8. Brilliant cause. Pledging to donate organs is such a humbling and empowering deed. Also, I agree that we tend to project blame on everything rather than introspect, which should be our first reaction. I need to stop multitasking, nothing ever gets done that way. “Take Charge” is a great mantra to follow. Much like being the change you want to see.
    Jaibala Rao recently posted…Being FreeMy Profile

    • It is, Jaibala. Not only the eyes, I have pledged all my organs. After all everything turns to dust, why not make someone else live through you. Glad that you liked the 3 ways that I’ve mentioned about changing the way I see things. I felt that this blaming the other person was a trap I was falling into. So, I changed my perspective. What is not in our control, we can’t do much about. But what is can be seized and made beautiful. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your views.

  9. Loved the video for its powerful yet simple message. What I loved more was the takeaway that you brought to the post. All three points you mention are a necessary part of life, right? Without it, we would be stumbling along, doing things with no purpose. I particularly liked the mindfulness one. So much so, that for the last few months, when I open a tab on my browser, it is the ONLY tab, so I can focus on it completely. More power to you for sharing your thoughts and the incredible pledge. My aunt wanted to donate her eyes, but when the end came, she was highly diabetic and had multiple organ failure, so her eyes were not viable for transplant. It broke my heart, to tell you the truth.
    Shailaja recently posted…Compelled- #AmWritingMy Profile

    • Thanks a lot, Shailaja. Feel so bad for your aunt. I guess the effort counts. Who knows if our organs will be in a shape to be harvested when the time comes but at least we have pledged them. I agree about the mindfulness bit. Kudos to you for doing what you are doing. I remember reading that post of yours. Also, wanted to tell you that I had a no-yell challenge in the house for the kids and I. Will let you know how that went when we meet. 🙂

  10. All of the three make sense Rachna..Oh ! I know how much I need the positivity …And mindfulness…I keep thinking about so many things simultaneously that I often miss how a day slips by!

    Some introspection and determination to bring these into our lives!
    nabanita recently posted…#Dare2Stare: Giving Up The Bitterness!My Profile

  11. It’s a powerful video, Rachna and an uplifting post. There are too much negativity that we need to see things differently. Donating one’s eyes is something I really want to do. The video helps us to look inward in our quest for joy and positive feeling:)

  12. Manjulika Pramod on May 29, 2015 at 1:58 pm said:

    The video hits hard and definitely there is so much around to see and absorb in the most positive spirit. More and more people should come forward to support the cause. I am glad we are spreading the message rightfully.

  13. Eye donation is a very noble cause indeed. Kudos to you for writing such a post!
    Will be back to read you again, see you 🙂
    Sarah recently posted…Matched in heaven, monetised on earth!My Profile

  14. Loved the cause you are striving for, it would be wonderful to have someone else see the world after me 🙂
    Mindfulness would resolve a lot of issues we have in our lives. Atleast I would stop applying oil on my face instead of powder. I have no idea how I mess that up 😛
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…Floral ZentangleMy Profile

  15. Donated already 🙂

    Geets recently posted…Mystified!My Profile

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