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Yesterday was the much awaited election results day in India. It was a rare day spent almost entirely glued to the telly, watching election updates and listening to those who had won or lost. I had expected and hoped for Modi-led BJP to come to power. Yet the sheer scale of their victory and the annihilation of the ruling party was completely unexpected. I know that the expectations are sky-high with Modi and his government because there is not a promise in the book that he has not made to the electorate. The economy needs a boost — job creation, inflation, corruption, infrastructure development, and corporatization not crony capitalism. It will not be easy nor will it be achieved in little time. But a beginning has to be made.  What remains to be seen is the team that is chosen by Modi and what their roadmap will be for the country’s future?

The mandate they have got is of frightening proportions. For the next 5 years, the countrymen and women have completely placed their trusts and fortunes in the hands of Modi and his partymen. On its own, BJP has absolute majority to just about do what they want. They have the power to legislate, to administer and govern the way they like. What will be seen is how efficiently they do it and what can they deliver?

Modi has come to power on the plank of development, and he knows very well that his performance will be the only parameter by which he will be judged. The country is no longer fooled by rhetoric and lofty talk. Action in words and action on the ground is what the population is thirsting for. As the Idea ad goes, “No ullu banaoing” (No fooling the people anymore)

Those who thought that their tirades and speeches could make up for their lack of performance like the ruling Congress, SP, BSP , JDU, etc. are all licking their wounds with abysmal performance.

One heartening note for me personally was seeing the BJP’s leaders and spokespeople accepting one of the biggest wins in the history of Indian elections with dignity and grace. I watched Nirmala Sitharaman reiterate that the win puts a great responsibility on BJP’s shoulders to deliver their election promises. They must remember this fact daily and honor the confidence of people in them. Senior leader, Rajnath Singh, while addressing BJP’s cadre requested everyone to not behave arrogantly. Every slogan, every word uttered in celebration must be one of respect and humility.

Considering that the election campaigning was very bitter with political name calling reaching new lows, this humble approach bodes well. BJP has to put in immense efforts to secure for itself a secular image and an inclusive approach where every citizen of this country feels safe, protected and equal. I hope they have learned enough lessons in this regard.

As I woke up this morning, I felt strangely optimistic. The new government is the exact opposite of the previous regime. It has at its helm a dynamic man who has immense administrative experience and acumen. Now is the time to see if he can deliver on the national level. He has got everything at his disposal. And he will have only himself to account for how his name will get into the history books.

“With great power comes great responsibility!”

I hope the BJP-led NDA chooses its actions wisely.



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53 Thoughts on “Elections — Hopes of a billion plus

  1. I suppose we should be happy that at least India was very decisive. They knew who they DIDN’t WANT IN POWER. A lot of people seem to have swayed for Modi the person rather than BJP, which I suppose is fine and shows their faith in one person. Let’s give him a chance and see if he messes up 🙂

    • Yes, it was a sort of elimination most of us did. With the limited choice in hand, most felt that it was better to try out someone new who can at least offer experience and hope. The power of democracy is such that if they don’t deliver, they will be in Congress’s position after 5 years.

  2. The important message in the outcome of the elections is that self serving corrupt politicians will be voted out of power. One can only hope that the new set of politicians taking up the task of governing India have heard and will listen to this message.

    • I hope so, Subho. Though in Karnataka we saw first hand when we brought in a BJP-majority government and only suffered corruption and looting. Yet, having seen Gujarat development personally, I am hopeful that Modi will deliver. To what extent remains to be seen. Of course, he has a herculean task ahead to ensure that he takes all segments of the population along.

  3. I’ve always opposed Modi from an ideological Point of View and will oppose him when it comes to human rights. But, I accept his as PM since the majority voted for him but let’s not build skyrocketed expectations on magic or we’ll turn out to be disappointed a lot. It’s time for us citizens to engage with him but to ensure our secular, plural values are respected, no community or minority groups rights are trampled upon, infrastructure, reforms and environment is respected. Let’s hope with this majority that Modi is able to move away from extremist groups such as RSS and VHP, who are guilty of crimes against humanity. Let’s hope that real change happens coupled with all inclusive growth.

    • I know what you are saying, Vishal. Many are wary about their hardline politics. And I hope that they have learned their lesson well. I don’t think anyone is hoping for any magic here. Nor are changes expected very soon. You almost seem to be talking media language here :).

  4. I am waiting for some constructive work before I will speak high of any leader. This country has been betrayed many times before.

    • I understand your wariness. But Modi has a record of constructive work behind him as he comes from the background of being an able administrator. We have to see if he can extrapolate that to national level. Another point I wonder is how people can continue to support Congress. What credentials does Rahul Gandhi have? Has he shown any intelligence, foresight, vision, any difference on the ground? Yet, no one questions that.

  5. Well stable govt. should do some good, atleast BJP will not have an excuse of Coalition Dharma which MMS used regularly for the the slow pace of things.

    Our democracy has matured and people are smart now and voting after considering all the options..

    • Absolutely agree, Prasad! I think we need to give some credit to our voters. We will not allow anyone to run away with their agenda. And non performance will be punished. This government will not be able to hide behind any excuses except their own incompetencies in case they fail. Let’s hope they don’t!

  6. Rajeev Moothedath on May 18, 2014 at 6:51 am said:

    An opportunity and a responsibility… Lets wish & hope the new government deliver for its own sake and for our country.

  7. · University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    I am quite hopeful and optimistic too about the future of our country. A stable government and a firm leader were really the need for the day. I just watched Modi’s victory speech today on the net (don’t watch TV so have no idea what others said) and was quite impressed by his emphasis on inclusiveness and all-round development and growth. May this really be a new dawn for India. I also wrote some reflections/thoughts/feelings on election results on my blog yesterday-

    • Me too, Beloo. I am optimistic. I read your post and our thoughts and feelings resonate. Let’s hope that at the end of this 5-year tenure, India has won.

  8. Dee Pankar Das on May 18, 2014 at 10:09 am said:

    Completely agree….but what now is to be seen how this extraordinary trust & faith imposed on lotus n its supporters manifests into…..what needs to b seen that weather there is change in meaning of life to thousands of Indians, who are still deprived of basics….hv to wait n watch….hope its a change for good and not just change.

    • Completely agree with you Dee Pankar Das. They need to deliver on many parameters. Though I now that miracles will not happen but a right approach will definitely show if their intent is correct.

  9. You have described the nation’s current mood – exhiliration as well as fear. Hope as well as doubts. BJP’s sweeping victory reflects a revolutionary attitude displayed by the voters. BJP now have an uphill task from the very first day. It is also important to safeguard Modi from the lurking danger at every corner.

    • I agree, Anita. I am curious to see how they handle this herculean challenge. They have many able leaders both at the National and State level. Let us see how they mobilize resources. They have promised the earth and the moon. And everyone is going to be relentlessly following their every move.

  10. Once again you have said all I feel with uncanny resonance… right from the fact that Modi has won this on his individual merit all the way down to feeling very optimistic when I woke in the morning yesterday. I don’t remember being this hopeful in the last 30 years. I remember feeling something akin to this when Rajiv Gandhi came into power.

    I don’t watch TV or read the newspapers. I didn’t watch a single Modi speech while the campaigning was going on. I read excerpts of his speeches online. I think I was trying not to invest myself emotionally into the man. The truth is, I loved the little I learned of him. The thought of him not getting a mandate was already dismaying to me. I didn’t want to multiply my grief. 🙂 Yes, thus do we try to protect ourselves. Talk about ostriches!

    Once I was sure he had got the mandate I had prayed for, I sat glued to the TV for 2 days straight… watching… of all things… the news!

    And I’ve watched Modi addressing the rally at Vadodhra… and at Kashi. I know now… by direct perception… what I’ve known logically for the past 18 months.

    I couldn’t have wished for a better PM. God bless him and guide his hand as he carrys the dreams of 1.25 crore Indians to their destination. As he says: Vande Matram!

    • Thank you for saying all that you did, Dagny! I too had completely stopped watching news. Could not stomach the noise and inane discussions. I have lived in Gujarat and my sister lives there. So yes, in a way, I have seen for myself the development on the ground. I wonder if any of the naysayers have any clue about what they are speaking. Come to Bangalore and it is in a worse state if possible from a decade back. Besides, the inaction and corruption in Congress makes me sick. It is surprising that someone like Rahul Gandhi who has no credentials and no intelligence seems okay to people just because he waves the secular card. I do hope that Modi takes action and brings about some change. Let us judge him on performance.

  11. Very true Rachna.
    we echo these optimistic & hopeful thoughts for acche din 🙂

  12. Completely agree Rachna…It just saddens me that people don’t have an alternative to what we had for 10 long years yet what we have now, instead of giving this govt. a chance they have to bring in negativity… But as you had said I’ll try to ignore them…Let’s hope Modi led govt does something if not we can always vote him out…

    • People fail me. And this ‘secular’ word is the most abused in our history. Like you said, we can always vote them out if they don’t perform. I am sure they are also aware of it.

  13. The wave of optimism this has created is really nice. I hope the people understand that the new govt will have its own challenges and that not all the nation’s problems can be solved in five years time. I mean have a logical and practical expectation.

    • Absolutely, Jaish. There will be no magic. Like you said, the expectations should be logical and will need much time. But one tenure should tell us if their efforts are in the right direction. God knows, India needs a strong leadership.

  14. I totally agree with you, Rachna. What we all need to remember is Modi won’t do any magic. For the damage that has been done in the form of scams for the past years and the increase of crime or inflation is not something he can change over night or even five years is not enough period. But, definitely we are all positively hoping he will bring in change of some sort. And let us all wish and hope the same. Glad that family politics have come to an end. Really happy that they don’t have to do with any more coalition dramas.

    • Absolutely, no magic for sure. But performance has to reflect on the ground. Words will not be enough for any party. Sick and tired of Congress. I hope they can dump the Gandhis in some ocean or the Congress will just be a relic in history.

  15. Very true! I hope that #ModiSarkar’s period will be a Golden period for India

    Someone is Special

  16. Hi Rachna,
    awesome all green ambiance !
    Indeed .. from a No NaMo to a pro NaMo … I have followed him like a critic and I feel proud to relate to the majority of the nation which thinks alike. He be given a chance . We have done our job as voters and now its NaMo’s turn and I know he is a man much needed to lead India .. be it foreign affairs or internal issues . what he expresses speaks of his willingness and desires as a national and as a well-wisher and a critic .. 365* 5 days .. i will be vigilant to make sure .. I and the majority of the nation made the right decision. Heart and Brain.. both say .. we have got a leader !! No more political nautanki !! 🙂 Jai Hind!

  17. And yet I read the news of a masjid attack in Mangalore by BJP workers while celebrating the win. Strange that internet is abuzz with the news but i haven’t seen a single piece on TV.

    To be honest, when it comes to Modi, I am a sceptic. I will wait for him to do some real work. I would love to turn into his loyalist but only with some delivery.

    • I know where you are coming from. I live in Karnataka. We have seen an ugly side of BJP here. And thus after having a landslide win here, they were kicked out and Congress was brought in. Not that they do any better. I am not a loyalist of BJP, Congress or Modi. But I am not cynical. I would like to give an opportunity to anyone who seems promising than continue with the stale, tried and tested hopeless party. I hope that Modi performs. If not, then next elections, he can be sure of a boot.

  18. Totally with you on this Rachna!! Like you I was glued to my computer screen and when the results were clear I can not tell you how happy & excited I was. And I so agree with the last para of this post!! We have out our trust in this Man who I hope lives up to the expectation and somehow I know he will!! He is here to stay!

    • Amen to that, Smita. I have so many hopes riding on him. I know there is a tinge of skepticism in all of us but how can anyone be worse than the sarkaar of the last 10 years. He has proven experience, people’s mandate and capability. Let’s hope for the sake of all of us that he delivers.

  19. I seriously hope that Modi walks the talk. Else he will just be another Kejri in an orange disguise.

    • I agree, Soumya! But there is a difference here. Kejri was a rank newcomer. Modi is a seasoned politician with experience. Hopefully that will count for something!

  20. I am actually apprehensive.. the poll gimmicks and the actuality are two different things.. we saw what happened in gujarat .. although modi has made gujarat such a beautiful state and done a LOT of work.

    but he alone cant change , the bjp party ideas and CORE ideology needs to change.. its that CORE which is SCARY.

    so the next 5 years will tell.. as is modi really ready to walk the talk.. or will he be like manmohan do what the party says …

    One thing is good, one party got the mandate.. PHEWwwwwwwwwww … so BJP now has the power to actually do something for the nation.. so fingers crossed.. and all the best to them

    • I don’t know why we keep harping on Gujarat. What happened in the riots was sickening. But Gujarat has always been communally unstable even before Modi. I have seen riots in Mumbai. I have heard terrible stories of riots in Delhi but no one seems to hold any party or person responsible. I wonder why it is only Modi who has to carry this burden lifelong.

      About your second point, we have had a peaceful NDA government so many years back. I am sure they are smart enough to understand that matters of mandir are simply irrelevant now. The population has voted them on planks of development and change. And he and his party have to be duly judged on that. He is a smart administrator. I am sure he will do better than dimwits like Rahul and madam who have no experience or qualifications whatsoever.

      I do hope he delivers. Else, we will kick him out. Keeping fingers crossed as well!

  21. I am quite optimistic about Modi as PM, especially after listening to his speeches at Vadodara on May 16 and Varanasi on May 17. He seems to be making a transition from politician to statesman.

    You’ve said they’ve got a mandate of frightening proportions. Not at all. Their mandate is just correct. NDA has a very comfortable majority, but not 2/3rd majority. BJP has just crossed 50%, so there’s no danger of “coalition dharma”. NDA does not have a majority in the Rajya Sabha. So, they will need the cooperation of other parties to get legislation passed in the Rajya Sabha.

    • Yes, his speeches have been really good. Like you said, he seems to have a vision. He reminds me of Vajpayee, who is one of my most favorite politicians.

      About mandate of frightening proportions, I simply meant that BJP has absolute power in their hands unlike coalition governments with strong oppositions. Your point about Rajya Sabha is valid and hopefully that will provide a balance to their majority in Lok Sabha. I hope the next 5 years are at least better than the last 5 if not 10 years.

  22. Even I never expected this huge victory for BJP! I knew that Modi is going to be our next PM, but now he can carryout the promises he has made without any hitch. He has already started gathering good officers for the PMO, which is good news. Only thing is, we have got a weak opposition!!!

    I liked Vajpayee govt. Everybody respected him and he has still got a good name. Hope Modi keeps up his good name.

    • I agree with you, Sandhya. I am curious to see who is there in his Cabinet. Like you, I am a huge Vajpayee fan as well. Just hope Modi does justice to his name.

  23. Agree with you. Lets hope for the best now.. fingers crossed that he delivers cos frankly we have no other alternative as of now. I read Arvind Passey’s post the other day where he said that people talk about riots, caste, religion and what not… but frankly none of that matters if someone can give us a clean governance now, give us an India where electricity does not get disrupted evert now and then, women can move out safely at odd hours, crime rates come down… these basic things are a priority today. frankly I think they come before economic development too.

    • I haven’t read Arvind Passey’s post but I do agree with his point of armchair activism. To me the issues of corruption, economic growth, infrastructure, safety of women are very important just like they are to the larger population. Caste, mandir, religion are irrelevant. And as long as the current government recognizes what is important and works and delivers on those parameters I am fine with them. I want to shut out the naysayers whose only job frankly is to crib and crib some more. This country needs to move on and a fresh infusing of ideas and blood is very welcome.

  24. What’s more, the middle class has risen. No longer can the ruling party ignore us and try to buy votes from the masses through sops. It was a mandate for good and strong governance and against a party led by a bunch of sycophantic fools.

    • Yes, not only the middle class but look at the rout of caste-based outfits like BSP and SP. Even the villages in far-flung UP dream to have roads, bijli, paani and jobs. Empty rhetoric is rejected by them as well. Congress is quickly on the spiral to annihilation. Going by the CWC session yesterday, they have learned nothing. They continue to cling to the incompetent Gandhis who will bring about their complete downfall. They make me sick. The mandate is for good and strong governance. I have lived in Gujarat. I have seen the progress there first hand. And I am hopeful that Modi will make the effort.

  25. Fingers crossed. Hope the new Govt is successful in bringing about the much needed change!

  26. Now a Days corruption is increased only because of the politicians. They will spend more money on election for earn more after electing. people are expecting more on the Modi Sir . but will not meets the up to the mark and not is mistake every body needs to cooperate with him to be success. common people also need to change to electing the right people.

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