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Water is health. Water is life. Today is World Water Day. Indeed, it is also a day when we must remember, honor and feel grateful for this most precious resource that our Earth is blessed with. You must be aware that 70% of our bodies is composed of water. In order to have it functioning optimally, we must constantly replenish the water lost. No, cold drinks do not count. As a matter of fact, they are extremely harmful for our bodies. The high sugar and caffeine content leaches our bodies of water and important minerals.

Did you know that you need to drink 12 glasses of water to neutralize the bad effects of 1 glass of cold drink?

I remember the days of yore when bottled water had not taken over our lives. I remember that water filter came into our family much later. I also remember drinking water from the roadside from the water vendors without a qualm and never really falling sick. Perhaps our immunities were better or that our water sources were not this depleted and polluted. Either way, these days we cannot do without our RO (reverse osmosis) or filtered water to ensure that it is safe for consumption for us and our kids.

There is nothing that actually quenches our body’s thirst like pure water.

We carry filtered water everywhere feeling safe that the water we are drinking is good for health. But recently I found out some very surprising information about purified water. RO, tap water, filtered water and distilled water have water that is acidic as all the essential minerals are removed from it. Acidic water is unhealthy for human body. This water also has high Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) which means that it is replete with free radicals  that cause many diseases like acidity, constipation and even certain types of cancers. Alkaline, ionized water with anti-oxidants is healthy. It protects the body from infections and diseases and keeps it healthy.

Did you know that our body is always maintained at a pH of around 7.365 which is alkaline? This means that the more acidic water or acid producing foods like alcohol, chips, colas, etc. we consume, the more difficult it is for our bodies to maintain its optimal alkaline pH. If this pH is not maintained then problems like fatigue, depression, acidity, headaches, muscular pain, constipation etc. surface. Long term diseases like cancers, osteoporosis etc. may also occur.

An easy solution to this problem is by drinking alkaline water of pH 8.5+.

The benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water are:

  • Keeps the body well hydrated to function optimally and stay healthy.
  • Facilitates weight loss
  • Maintains good skin
  • Enhances immunity and prevents diseases
  • High oxygen levels in water help in better delivery of nutrients to body cells. These cells function efficiently and thus stay healthy.

It is time to seriously think about the water that we are consuming every day. If you fall sick often and do not feel well and energized, do reconsider your food and water choices. Try to consume more vegetables and fruits. And pay special attention to your water. Drink alkaline ionized water.

Hydro-Jal Plus

These days you get easy home water ionizers like Hydro-Jal Plus that helps convert your neutral or acidic pH water to healthy ionized alkaline water that brims with good antioxidants and ample oxygen to help you stay happy and healthy. It is advanced, stylish and perfectly suited for use in Indian homes. You can get a free demo of Hydro-Jal Plus and also check the pH of the existing water you consume by giving them a call.

Think about it! Think about the water that you and your loved ones consume daily.

All pics courtesy: Hydro-Jal Plus

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20 Thoughts on “Healthy water, safe water — Alkaline, ionized water!

  1. This somehow reminds me of how hard it was for me when I moved out of Shillong about 10 years back …I never found water which tasted as the water b there , I don’t know what, something I never found anywhere except maybe in the mineral waters, closest I guess…

    But yes it is very important what kind of water we drink and we should do everything possible that it does us no harm…

    • I can imagine that water in Shillong must be like that refreshing spring water with beneficial minerals. Acidic water is a bane of our cities including bad lifestyles and consumption of processed foods.

  2. Rightly said Rachna.
    It’s very important to find out what kind of water we are drinking.
    It is the most important component of our body. Specially in a city like Delhi with such higher levels of pollution.

    • I guess in all cities now,Swati. Bangalore is seeing massive water shortage and the borewell levels are going further down. This precious resource is being wasted and polluted. It scares me sometimes the quality of water that we are consuming.

  3. An useful and informative article.Potable water is scarce and cannot afford to be wasted.It needs to be conserved.

  4. Hmm – Tell me about the acidity Though even that cannot wean me off that alcohol+cola+chips combo, though I do it rarely and ONLY in combination (Reminds you of Sholay? “Ladka accha hai. Cola bhi nahin peeta. Haan kabhi kabhi jab daaru peeta ho…..” ) Looks like this is an option to keep acidity off.

    • Oh, you would know much more about acidic and alkaline water than I do. 🙂 Oh yes, the bane of our times. We can’t do away with them completely but at least do that combination in moderation. 🙂

  5. That was informative. But how many gadgets do I need to buy before my water is safe? What kind of world are we living in where water is acidic and air is polluted. Sigh!

  6. They haven’t mentioned a price on the website. Can you PM me the price if you know?

  7. Yes Rachna time was when we never gave a thought to the quality of water.Is it the water which has changed or is it us?
    I could not resist throwing in my link here since it is about water–you have already read it:-

  8. Yes indeed we have really done some seriously bad stuff to our water resources. And now we will pay a heavy price for that. A very heavy price. I hope more people begin to recognise the value of this extremely precious resource, Water, and start being mindful of their consumption patterns. Thankfully in some parts of TN, there is a growing awareness of rainwater harvesting, which is a good sign.
    A good informative post, Rachna. Will share it with my co-decision-maker at home 🙂

    • Thanks, Beloo. It is sad what we have done to our natural resources. It feels like a point of no return. And now we are trying to undo the damage. Yes RWH is now compulsory in Bangalore but sadly people do find their loopholes around it.

  9. Life has become so complicated. Imagine, we need to think twice even before drinking mineral water. And we say our world is developing. Uff!

    • True, Nisha. I guess we have been mindlessly exploiting our natural resources and then have been mercilessly purifying them to make them consumable thus killing all life, joy and health that they encompass.

  10. Informative.
    Water is life! We all need clean and good water.

  11. And we thought switching to RO water was the last effort towards safe water provisioning. Guess the trouble is a vicious circle. The more you look for alternatives the worst you make. Thanks for sharing this informative piece.

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