I think naming a baby is more confusing than understanding why is he crying for no reason? Hi, I’m Sapana. I am sure you know my name’s pronunciation. But when I was living in Japan, my Japanese friends used to call me ‘Saa-paa-naa’ instead of ‘Sapna’. It was still much better than the other Indian names pronounced by the Japanese. This weird experience taught me certain lessons, whose morals I followed while naming my two boys. See how I shortlisted such Hindu baby names for them, which even firangis could pronounce.

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Before you start, think of these tips to be addends. This means, when you finalise your baby’s name, use these tips as pointers.

1.] Name Having Meaning

Imagine, how kids with names like Honey, Pinky, Moon, and Sweetie, etc. would explain their name’s meaning to others. Look for a name that has depth in its meaning. That’s when your child will be proud of possessing a thoughtful name. This is the reason I chose such names for my kids, whose meanings are amazing.

Even the word ‘candy’ has a meaning. But think for yourself, does it sound like a ‘human’ name to you? Keep pop stars out of this, please. Hence, you should go for a name whose meaning has an importance.

2.] Easy to Pronounce

I chose my babies’ names, supposing that one day they will travel the world.

A name’s pronunciation should be easy-peasy. That’s because people having different accents will then be able to speak it, the right way.

Many film stars change their birth names after getting into the industry. Why? That’s because they find their names, hard to pronounce for others. No kidding, our new gen is visionary and smart, as well.

Last year, a mother from Maryland, US, appeared on various news sources after changing her daughter’s name. She and her husband first liked the name Otillie but then they switched it to Margot. She did so, as many of her relatives and friends, weren’t able to pronounce it.

Carrie, Margot’s mother, then carried out a huge e-mail drive to inform everyone about this change. She said she did this to save herself from the pains of numerous re-introductions!

3.] Unique but Not Funny

In a class where names of two-three students are the same, teachers usually address them by their surnames to avoid confusions. Hence, don’t search for a popular name. Since such a name is not rare. Remember the rule: Something that’s rare always stays precious.

To avoid confusion and to save time, think of a relevant word that you believe, will suit him the best. Suppose the word ‘strong’ comes in your mind. Then you can search the internet names which mean strong.

Some parents also decide to find a name which belongs to or somehow relates to the child’s forefather’s name. If his ancestor’s name is long, you could modify some of its letters. Or you could keep a name whose meaning is same as his forefather’s name.

Many parents combine initial letters of their respective names. In this manner, you can give your child a unique and interesting name.

In the end, I will suggest to you how to choose a name which is simple yet striking.

4.] Blooming under Sanskrit’s roots

Both Hindi and English names of our country i.e. ‘Bharat’ and ‘India’ relate closely to Sanskrit. Various Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, and Marathi, etc. have so many words whose origin lies in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is a beautiful, ancient language of India. It actually has the potential to give you meaningful, powerful yet sweet sounding names for your baby. If you research, you will come across many such words that will make for charming baby names. I know as I have done the same.

5.] Length: Small is Better

Small names sound stylish plus they are easy to remember. Avoid long names as they can be broken into parts. Such broken parts then turn into nicknames. But aren’t nicknames given to those, whom we love? With babies having long names, people get another reason to nickname them.

Evidently, they then strive to recall his original name. All this happens, when due to constant usage, a child’s nickname rests on the tip of their tongues. This way all your efforts, for finding a distinctive name will get wasted. Since nobody will ever use it, his name will stay on the records only!

Tip: Do a quick research on Google, for checking the meaning of your chosen name, in other languages. Like for instance: Ira in Hindi means Earth or Goddess Saraswati. In Hebrew it means watchful. In Greek, it’s a short name for Greek Goddess of Peace named, Eirene. In this manner, internet can help you a lot.

Now in India, there are Baby Naming Consultants, who help you find a name, as per the tips above. You are going to present your baby a ‘lifetime gift’. And a gift ought to be good, right!

Author Bio: Sapana is a mom of 2 and a WAHM. She runs her blog www.gomama247.com. She likes to write about Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Baby health and also Unique Baby Names.

Pic courtesy: B Calkins on Shutterstock.



14 Thoughts on “The Science of Naming Next-gen Baby

  1. I liked this post and agree with all of those points. I read somewhere that the meaning of a name influences the personality of a child – that may not be true but the thought stuck. Sanskrit is a veritable treasure house of wonderful names. The Husband wasn’t such a fan of Sanskrit names. Mercifully we had twins so we got to name one child each :-).
    Beat About the Book recently posted…Of Men and Women #Teaser Tuesday 5My Profile

  2. I agree with you Beat abt the book. Meaning of a name may not have a strong influence on a child but a beautiful meaning definitely adds something to his/her confidence.

  3. This post is seriously needed. When naming my elder son, I had opted for Siddharth. But seeing him struggle with writing it and different people shortening his name to Sid, Siddu and other mention nots, I was firm on what I wanted next. I wanted short, 2 syllables, no shortening, Indian, preferably South Indian and I landed with Kartik. I also did not want the ‘h’ or ‘c’ to increase the lenth. Just plain and simple and short.

  4. I guess too late to send to Saifina 😛

    The tip to check meaning in other languages now make so much sense with Indians going around the world and working. …
    Prasad Np recently posted…Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien HotelMy Profile

  5. Ahh helpful post for to-be parents. Strangely we chose M’s name quite easily. All thanks to S. I’m anyways very bad at coming up with names. I actually wanted to name my sister ‘Aam’ which means Mango 😀
    Nabanita Dhar recently posted…#MommyTalks | How Do I Keep My Child Safe?My Profile

  6. Everyone wants to be unique which is almost impossible. You are right, short and meaningful works. And internet is a boon.

  7. Nothing like Sanskrit for traditional and beautiful Indian names. We had zero trouble finalising a name for our daughter. I do wish more people had easy names. The next generation has some truly baffling ones!

    Interesting post, Sapana 🙂
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…The Art of ForgivenessMy Profile

  8. This is one topic I can so relate to. Baby naming. I liked all your pointers that parents could keep in mind while naming the baby. I have come across the weirdest names in recent times. Not of celebrities but of close friends and family. I tried to choose simple names for my kids as well. I never understood what this craze for uniqueness is all about.

  9. 🙂 Some people get stuck with such complex names that can also be shortened into nasty little nicknames! Such fun it is — baby naming! I know a number of parents try to choose names starting with A so it can be right on top in the school register!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…A Few Good Men #aBeautifulLifeMy Profile

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