is something we all take for granted. It is a beautiful thing which relieves us from our pressures, tiredness and provides us a deep rest to alleviate all our troubles. Sometimes we have beautiful dreams, sometimes weird and at other times downright scary. But, inadequate sleep is something which plays havoc with our lives leaving Read More →

Gautam loves to play with water so water in any form is meant to be poured on the bed, the floor, the table whichever is nearer to him and to be played with creating puddles and a general mess around the house. We are potty training him and yesterday and today he did something very Read More →

The great superstar of Hindi cinema. He is not only an exceptional actor but a very well-read and intelligent man. He has a great command over both English and Hindi and its a delight to read his Hindi musings ;). He obviously takes after his father who was a great Hindi poet and writer. I Read More →

When we went for the movie, Sid said why can’t I come for it as well. So I told him that this movie was for Adults only and children were not allowed in the theatre. Since the movie showcases the world of fashion it had scenes of drug use, smoking and alcohol and hence was Read More →

November 2 this year went off really well! Mostly, because my mother-in-law was there and was kind enough to babysit the kids and allow us some stressfree time of our own. We went to the temple around noon and then ordered Chinese food to eat for lunch. Sid had actually demanded that. Early evening Gurdev Read More →

Just after diwali, we get the news of serial blasts in Assam. Once again, normal people like you and me are targeted and killed. Its difficult to put down all the thoughts in words, just feel a deep sense of despair. It is the same story every month. Equally disturbing are the divides being strengthened Read More →

Butter chicken…. Now before I explain that let me tell u a little story. The neighbour opposite our house has a backing music which comes on when their car reverses and it goes something tee tee ton, tee tee ton,… Gurdev said it sounds like someone is singing butter chicken, butter chicken. Trust Gurdev to Read More →

went by and went off quite well. It was hectic with the cleaning of the house and preparation of sweets and other food stuffs, shopping, dressing up (our whole family was dressed to the T in blue :)), bursting crackers, meeting friends, exchanging gifts…. It was a beautiful diwali and today is the Hindu New Read More →

First things first, India launched Chandrayaan I, India’s maiden unmanned mission to the moon. All credit goes to ISRO for putting India into a select group of nations moving out of the earth’s orbit and reaching for the moon literally :). European Space Agency is providing active cooperation to ISRO in operations, data handling, flight Read More →