Butter chicken…. Now before I explain that let me tell u a little story. The neighbour opposite our house has a backing music which comes on when their car reverses and it goes something tee tee ton, tee tee ton,… Gurdev said it sounds like someone is singing butter chicken, butter chicken. Trust Gurdev to Read More →

went by and went off quite well. It was hectic with the cleaning of the house and preparation of sweets and other food stuffs, shopping, dressing up (our whole family was dressed to the T in blue :)), bursting crackers, meeting friends, exchanging gifts…. It was a beautiful diwali and today is the Hindu New Read More →

First things first, India launched Chandrayaan I, India’s maiden unmanned mission to the moon. All credit goes to ISRO for putting India into a select group of nations moving out of the earth’s orbit and reaching for the moon literally :). European Space Agency is providing active cooperation to ISRO in operations, data handling, flight Read More →

Ok, so found another maid who seems to be better than the previous one. But, it is pretty early to comment about that. Karva chauth was a breeze this time only because I took some fluids. It was raining in bangalore and the clouds were thick so I had to wait till 9.45 pm to Read More →

Today morning a pack of monkeys paid a visit to our house. It had adults as well as many kids. The monkeys dismantled Siddharth’s tent in the balcony and were tossing the clothes hung out to dry. I also noticed that a couple of bats have also gotten very cosy inside our cane baskets which Read More →

Its so wonderful to be back home even though my maid is absconding and I have a cold and a cough :). The return journey was okay. Had the company of an old couple who were very cordial and they were enjoying Sid and Gautam’s constant banter. There was also a jerk, a very uncultured Read More →

It being Navratri and we are in the place of revelry – Ahmedabad. Due to the bomb attacks earlier this year, the celebrations are a little muted but joyful nonetheless. I went for the garba in my sister’s building complex. A traditional dholi – a drummer had been called and the girls and ladies were Read More →

was Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. A holiday across all schools and offices in India. He is considered to be the father of the nation. It is also the International Day of Non- Violence. In today’s times when terrorism in its worst form stares at us in the faces, I wonder the relevance of non-violence for most Read More →

from Bangalore to mumbai was surprisingly pleasant. We started two hours before the train departure time and had a maniacal cab driver who drove in the evening traffic likehe was planning to take off. He managed to reach us in an hour’s time as a result of which we had to sit on the platform Read More →

I read this book by Khaled Hosseini in 3 days. It was quite unputdownable. A nice book. A story woven around the life in Afghanistan from the eyes of an Afghani who lived a luxurious life till their paradise is plunged into war first by Russian occupation, then the Taliban and finally by the US Read More →