Last night Gurdev left for Romania and as usual the house feels so empty. His flight left a little late so it will reach late too and his sleep will be screwed for a few days ( pardon my language). Damn these late night flights. Lets see how an East European country is. I could Read More →

We began with ” A Wednesday” and watched it on Wednesday night :). Its a wonderful movie. Yes, it preaches a violent end and also that violence ends violence but it is reflective of the growing frustration of a common man in India today whose daily life has become a bundle of nerves. With bombs Read More →

A good friend of mine I have known for almost 4 years now completely misjudged me. She took a mail totally unintended for her and misinterpreted it to be malicious to her. I could sense her withdrawal but did not know the reason for it. I called her up to ask her what was bothering Read More →

The filing for bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers a large investment bank on Monday and the takeover of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America to prevent it from going under set off a wave of panic in the world financial markets. Now the AIG crisis which is looking to Federal Reserve to bail it out is Read More →

I don’t feel anything but despair! Its the same old story all over again. Its people like u and me who suffer each time. Someone loses their husband, wife, son, daughter and so on. The grief is so profound and we all sit helpless watching hapless people like you and me paying the price of Read More →

This is an amazingly tasty and easy-to-make recipe of Chicken strips, the kinds we get in KFC but minus all the fat because this one is baked. Take 500 gms. Boneless, skinless chicken breast. 1 cup buttermilk, can be substituted with diluted curd. Salt and pepper to marinate. Salted biscuits – 2 packets. Eggs for Read More →

I remember on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, my son Siddharth came to me and said mama are the North Indians not allowed to come and live in the south. Gurdev and me were a little taken aback with the question. I asked him why he was saying that? He said that his friend Yash Read More →

Where do I begin??? And I am still recovering.. Well, last Thursday when we discussing innocent details about Gautam’s birthday which was the next day, I developed severe pain in my lower tummy, pretty severe and by night fever too. The fever was not going away, so next day morning Gurdev decided to take me Read More →

Day before yesterday I ended up getting a parking fine. I had parked the car in a No Parking area which is done pretty commonly in India ;). I came home and realized that I had to pay a parking fine. So yesterday I went to pay the fine to the Police Station. Sid said Read More →

Being a mother of two young sons should have made it easier to figure it out. Far from it…. I have so many questions. How should one be firm yet not too strict, loving but not border on pampering, listen but not indulge, love but not spoil, stay connected yet not be interfering, practise and Read More →