There is hardly anything left to say about the man. Have you noticed how people just take off eulogizing about his skills, the moment even his picture appears on the screen. My husband is truly fed up of all the sycophantic honey-sweet utterings about this man. I would give credit to Sachin for staying so humble and grounded when he is surrounded by “admirers” all the time. Okay, he is a great player. But, what is this “God” business. It is unfair to call any player that. Have you noticed how openly biased people like Sunil Gavaskar (with his ill-concealed Marathi leanings) fall over each other to praise him.

The other day, during the semi-final between RCB and MI, Rahul Dravid stood his ground when he felt the catch taken by Sachin could actually not be taken cleanly. As it turned out later, he was ruled not out on replay. But Gavaskar, who was the commentator began saying, ” How can he doubt somebody like Sachin Tendulkar? He has shared the dressing room with him for so many years!” You should have heard his wounded tone. Why is Sachin Tendulkar not a human being. Can’t he make a mistake. Is Rahul Dravid a lesser player with lesser dignity? But, he was questioned because he questioned Lord Sachin?

In the finals of IPL, Sachin’s captaincy raised a lot of questions especially the decision of bringing Pollard on so late. But, did anyone dare say much? No. Because it is Sachin Tendulkar. Can you imagine the heat any other captain would have faced?
My point is who and why has Sachin Tendulkar been elevated to the status of a demi-God by the media? Let him stay a mere mortal. Why we as Indians can’t show adulation by staying normal? Do we have to conform by behaving like “chamchas” in the guise of fans?



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24 Thoughts on “Sachin Tendulkar — the unquestionable legend!

  1. Anonymous on April 27, 2010 at 5:37 am said:

    Well said!

  2. Very true.
    Either we praise and praise or push someone to the pits, we just CANNOT be normal

  3. 🙂 Sachin bashing
    yet again!!!

    Well, I dot agree to you on this about Sunil Gavaskar (with his ill-concealed Marathi leanings) cos he has praised other players too like MSD and Anil too (who are not a Marathi manus).

    Sachin is a legend, and yes we have to agree to it! GOD or NO GOD doesn’t matter to him!!

    Its right that he forced Pollard to come late in the inning, but the main reason behind it (as far as i understood) is that Pollard is not very comfortable with Spinners and medium pacers like Raina and Jakati. If he was send earlier he would have suffered the same fate as of Harbhajan who failed miserably (and he too was not good in playing spinners).

    The main fault what he did was sending harbhajan up in the order, he should have send either In form Ambati or Saurabh Tiwari. His bet got on him. But such is life yaar. Things always doesn’t turn as we wish. But this one defeat is not going to take any thing away from him.

    But yes I stand with you on ” How can he doubt somebody like Sachin Tendulkar? He should have waited for the replays before saying anything.

    P.S: I am a big fan of Sachin, because of his shots and commitments not because of his GOD status.


  4. commercial interests have elevated him. we are insulting the man, when we behave like chamchas and say he is perfect. In fact it cuts down on what he has achieved.

  5. My favorite part of Sachin’s cricket is his running between the wickets and fielding, he doesn’t act like God, why care for people who believe he is..

  6. He is a true legend.

    and i totally agree to your view.

  7. @anonymous Thanks for visiting. It would be nice, if you could leave your name.

    @bhagyareema Exactly! We are people of extremes.

    @Bhupesh No Sachin bashing at all. I admire the man. I am bashing the sycophants around him. The commentators, the media men, the crazy fans are all relentless in being over zealous in their “appreciation.”

    About Sunil Gavaskar — you haven’t seen him defending people like Kambli, Sanjay Manjrekar and other lesser known Mumbai cricketers in the past. You must see the way he used to praise Ajit Agarkar! That is called regional bias, not praising perfectly capable cricketers.

    about IPL final, I just gave it as an example, I am not a cricketer to doubt Sachin’s judgement, but it is a fact that people credited Dhoni’s better captaincy. I was only pointing out the double standards which prevail.

    @Wise Donkey exactly, my point. He is a sterling person, so he has stayed grounded. He doesn’t need this extra pressure on him. Let him enjoy his cricket.

    @Sorcerer Thank you!

  8. Statistics & Humbleness & Calmness
    – The only reason.

  9. Frankly speaking, I am a BIG fan of this man! Yes he is GOD, if cricket is a RELIGION!!!

    20 years of committment, constant scrutiny by “Indian” media and yet no complains!

    He is a source of inspiration. Raina who has emerged as a big player in this season and seems to be the future of Indian cricket said that he started playing cricket because he was inspired by the way Sachin plays! Sehwag is another example… and then there are many.

    Brain Lara recently confessed that he wants his son to bat like Tendulkar and not himself.

    I can go on and on and on…

    Yeah you can say “another emotional fool.” But frankly speaking this man inspires like no one else can. Half an hr highlights of Sachin’s shots can cheer you up like anything…thats my story… 😉

  10. @Hobo make for a great sportsman but not Gods!

    @karan You’re a “crazy” fan 🙂 I am sure, many cricketers are inspired by him to play cricket. Considering a parallel, look at Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar. They have spawned a whole generation of singers, but do we call them Gods. Please give me a break.

    This is not appreciation, this is pagalpan or junoon, my friend!

  11. sad i lost interest in the new gambling game..otherwise i d have joined this debate..:)

  12. Absolutely agree with you, its a poor decision he made on that day, good chance to learn he is also a human being!!

  13. It’s so embarrassing but I am not sure who he is… (blush)… a cricketer?

  14. O’ dear what have I walked myself into ^_^b

  15. @Ramesh Yes, it has happened to many people — the loss of interest in cricket.

    @Suffix Thank you for visiting and your comment.

    @Agnes It is perfectly fine :). Ask me about baseball or American football, and I would be at sea too 😉

    @tangy where have you been? Long time! Yeah, look at what you walked into 🙂

  16. nice post dear….Sachin is just grt…i love his humble attitude…many youngsters get inspired by him…..their can be ups and downs in any1’s career but a person with high morale rises again..

  17. Hey u have drawn the wrath of entire Indian cricketing fans faternity….

    But we have confeered the ‘god’ status to Maradona, who was not a good example in his off-field behaviour.

    But unlike Sachin he never showed weakness on-field. No defender has been able to lock him…
    So as you say God status is a bit elevated

  18. @rohini Sachin is a wonderful cricketer. I dislike the cronies for showing sycophantic behavior.

    @Jon My intention was not to take on the Sachin lovers’ club :), but just to point how tiring it was to hear these accolades. How terrible it is to make someone guilty of questioning him.

  19. Hi Rachna, I guess fans of cricket or football, or basketball etc, as well the media tend to go overboard
    Papers need to sell so they go for whatever that will motivate people buying and reading.
    We read about cricket in India once awhile, as well of one of your famous players recently marrying a girl that made headlines.
    You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

  20. just here and there 😀

    umm…sachin bashing 🙁

  21. @Uncle Lee Yep, you are right. But, some of these people don’t have the compulsion to sell copy. The story you heard was about an Indian tennis star girl getting married to a Pakistani cricketer. A very controversial match 🙂

    @tangy There is no Sachin bashing at all.

  22. I am no cricket fan , but my observations is that Sachin is still humble inspite of all that adulation.

  23. @Haddock All credit to Sachin for that.

  24. Sachin Tendulkar — the unquestionable legend!

    yes there is.

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