challenges while parenting a teen

The small playground was bursting to the seams with children. Little children were sitting in the sand pit with their tiny baskets to play to their heart’s fill with sand, very comfortable with the mess and the dirt. Their mothers hung around keeping a watchful eye on them while chatting with other mothers. Some of Read More →

To tell you the truth, I can hardly make out that it is Spring. On the one hand, the trees are shedding their leaves, on the other, it has suddenly become quite hot like summer. The temperature has just spiked in the past week. The only saving grace is the appearance of the beautiful cherry Read More →

spooked out

He screamed loudly and burst into tears much to the amazement of others! It was an inky black night. The moon had not yet made an appearance and it was chilly. The boy was seated at the dining table along with his brother intently listening to his mother narrate a  spooky tale from a time many Read More →

My younger son is an inexhaustible source of funny anecdotes. The other day he was telling me about this incident that baffled him and left me roaring with laughter. Now this little man is the picture of perfect behavior outside of home – shy to a fault, he turns red if someone so much as Read More →


For some strange reason, I am feeling excessively mopey this morning. Oh, please don’t raise your eyebrows. It has nothing to do with PMS! Yes, the kids have their FAs or unit tests in simpler tongue. And, as usual my hair is on the brink of going completely white. Making my younger son revise in Read More →


This is a very random post about random happenings around our home  focussing on the boys. For one, their first unit tests of the new academic year are on. Today is the last day for the younger son. I must be more happy than him for sure. 😀 In case, you didn’t know, I sit Read More →


When I was growing up, birthday parties were not a regular occurrence. My parents did not throw any. What was done was that a few neighborhood kids were asked to come over to enjoy some home cooked food, samosas or kachoris from neighborhood halwai and some prized cold drinks or sherbet. There were no fancy Read More →

These days, sigh, I end up watching most Hindi movies with kids. The reason is that the husband has so many dislikes when it comes to Hindi movie heroes and heroines. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is an excuse that he’s invented so that he does not have to take us to Hindi Read More →