Little G: “Dad, you are great!” Dad: “Wow! How come?’ (Feeling extremely elated) Little G: ” You can fix any problem.” (Read gadgets, plumbing, electrical problems, furniture) Dad beaming Mom: “You are right. He can! What about mom?” (with an expectant look) Little G: “You are great too!” (without batting an eyelid) Mom: “Why is Read More →

I ask the nurse to let me see the boy. She assures me with a smile that he is with his father, and they will only allow me to go after a couple of hours. After a C-section, they had to wait for me to completely recover from the anaesthesia. In pain and feeling dizzy, Read More →

I think, people are right in saying that the youngest child in the family always remains young in the minds of the parents. I objectively say that I don’t pamper him. At least, I try not to :). But, it is difficult to not succumb to his charms when he asks for something in his Read More →