life beckons

A 40 year old died in his sleep due to a massive cardiac arrest. No diagnosed health issues. In fact, he was a sportsman. A man who was on social media chatting till late at night, the very same night he passed away. Leaves behind a tween child and a stricken spouse. His death a Read More →


As Bangalore gears up for BBMP polls, what are the biggest problems we see our city grappling with? Water scarcity, clean drinking water, sanitation, garbage management and environmental pollution are some of the biggest concerns. Yes, you would think that metropolises would be immune to this issue but it isn’t so. Our metros and cities are Read More →

I have always had a fantastic relationship with the sun. I am a true tropical creature who basks in the warmth of the sun. Two downcast days and I feel depressed. Yes, I know sunshine lifts my spirits. It was still morning. Sun was playing hide and seek in the clouds. One moment, the grey Read More →