the man, the boy and the donkey

This is a lovely story that I am sure most of you must have heard when you were children. The other day my husband was narrating this one to my younger son, and it struck me how very sensible and relevant this story is for every stage of life. So here’s the tale just to refresh Read More →


For some strange reason, I am feeling excessively mopey this morning. Oh, please don’t raise your eyebrows. It has nothing to do with PMS! Yes, the kids have their FAs or unit tests in simpler tongue. And, as usual my hair is on the brink of going completely white. Making my younger son revise in Read More →


This is a very random post about random happenings around our home  focussing on the boys. For one, their first unit tests of the new academic year are on. Today is the last day for the younger son. I must be more happy than him for sure. 😀 In case, you didn’t know, I sit Read More →

Yes, I was on vacation for 5 days. That takes so much of preparation. Inform clients way ahead of time. As I am a freelancer, I try to ensure that all work is delivered before deadline. And then send mails to everyone that I will be away. Despite that I found clients shooting me emails Read More →

In India, we often quote culture! The richness of our culture, the superiority of our heritage. I used to take great pride even feel arrogant about this exalted culture. But then that pride got slowly chipped away one day at a time. The biggest blow came when I went to live in the US. Of Read More →

A family of four, Telugus (I can recognize the language). They have two daughters. The father is diligently buying sandwiches and milk shakes. The younger daughter is in tears; she is trying very hard to hold them back but it brings them on even faster. Mom is speaking in a low tone but her voice Read More →

To people like me blogging is a passion, a hobby, love of sharing and interacting and sharpening both my creative and writing skills. To an outsider, it seems like fun, silly, even glamorous with bloggers getting goodies and winning prizes. Very often the hard work behind the blog is not visible and recognized. The other Read More →

Oh yes, I heard that soft jingle again. This was my most favorite sound in the world. I quickly went bounding down the stairs. There daddy was, holding the keys casually in his hand. He smiled, as I sat near him. He asked me, “You want to come?” Of course, I always want to go. Read More →

They were walking on the street quietly. A rather large-sized lady passed by. She waved to another and said, “I just came from the pool.” He nudged his partner and said out of earshot, “And left the pool empty (with a naughty glint in his eyes)!” She looked at him and howled loudly. He had Read More →