contact lenses

You already know the bane of my childhood was getting glasses at a very young age. I was still in 1st grade when I got my first pair and they were ugly. They made me look like an alien. Add to it the fact that no kids in my age group wore spectacles. I absolutely Read More →

I am someone who has had spectacles since I was a little child. Yes, it was definitely unusual for those days. I remember being the only one in my class for a really long time who wore spectacles. I was mercilessly teased by being called Chashmish, which is a derogatory term in Hindi for spectacle Read More →

Chashmish is a derogatory term in Hindi that is used to refer to someone who wears spectacles. I had my first experience of this term when I was just about 5 years old. I must be among the rare breed of kids in my generation who got spectacles at such a young age. We were Read More →