It’s not that time of the year without all of us being in a hectic mode. Navratris are on and while I don’t do anything special during Navratri, I do cook a lot of festive food. In my home, everyone is a foodie. So, since kids started their holidays from Saturday, I have been cooking lots of delectable food. You can check out my Navratri recipes on Rachna cooks here.

That time of the year

I know you have heard it a lot, but suddenly it seems that after crawling initially, the year grew wings and started flying. Doesn’t it always happen towards the latter half of the year? As we jump into the festival season and kids settle into heavy-duty studying, days just rush past. Nine months are done with and there is so much that has changed in this year.

Unlike others, I generally take stock of my life and work around every year September/October. I do this because I implement changes when no one else is doing it. Less pressure, right. 🙂 So, first and foremost, I took charge of my fitness. I have always been working out. I did weights when I did my first job way in 1998. My dumbbells were used as door stoppers after my wedding in my home. J So anyway, I have always enjoyed weight training. But due to my knee injury I was laying low for almost a year. I did a new diet and exercise regimen and lost 3 Kgs. of fat in a couple of months. With the added toning, I am looking and feeling great. Of course, I exercise regularly too, but this was on my cards for some time.

There are a few changes that I am making in my outlook, more kindness and less worrying. No matter how much I try, I worry about a load of things. Thinking about things that would go wrong or in general, being a worrier. Now, I consciously stop myself when I think of myself going in that direction. I can’t tell you how liberating that feels. But, this is something I need to work at constantly.

Also kindness does go a long way in feeling happier. With so much negativitiy around us, it makes sense to be kind even in small ways. Be kind to people close to us and also those we meet on a day-to-day basis. Read my friend, Soumya’s post on sharing something similar. While, words like kindness may seem outdated but trust me, they are very useful and doable.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun and be mindful. It’s that time of the year when festivals are around us. Festivals means merry making, shopping, eating and gifting. But don’t only spend, make a difference to someone’s life. So many of us are suffering. It is time to give to the ones in lesser fortunate and difficult circumstances. If you can volunteer or donate, please do. Let festivals be a time when we spread cheer and laughter. Also, always be grateful for all that you have in life – your family, your friends, a roof over your head, good health and every small thing that brings you joy.

I leave you with a picture of my dear Coco. He symbolises joy and giving in the best way possible for me.

I will be traveling when this post goes live, but I will be sure to read your posts when I am back. Have a happy vacation, everyone.

I received this tag from Vinitha. It’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Geetanjali. There are 38 of us on this Blog Hop and it will be spread over 3 days – 4, 5, 6 October  2019. Do follow the #WordsMatter Blog Hop and prepare to be surprised! 

15 Thoughts on “That Time of the Year #WordsMatter

  1. Hope you’re having a good time Rachna and Coco looks delightful.
    I love the points you’ve raised – about being mindful of one’s health, of not worrying and being kind. I can completely identify with each of those. The festive fervour will begin only after tomorrow for us, once the exams end. Sometimes I wonder if it’s weird how my life, and that of many other parents, revolves around that of the children’s schedules.

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  3. You’re right about the months rushing by – seemingly faster as I age! Sorry to hear about your knee, Rachna. I remember how particular you are about your exercise regime and I’m glad you’ve found a way to stay fit despite the injury!
    I too tend to start taking stock at this time of year and my head is abuzz with various ideas – whether they get implemented is another matter! 😉
    Lovely pic of Coco – our dogs are our best teachers!

  4. Its the opposite for me; I find the first few half flew away in a jiffy and then the last 3 months go on a crawl. Happens every year to me and this time its no different either.

    I am with you on the self evaluation around this time of the year-thats the easiest way to reset and reboot the year and fill up whats missing to give one final push to the goals.

    Your fitness inspires me and I am trying to reset those goals as I want a fitter body which has more flexibility. Due to thyroid, the flexibility seems to have gone for a toss and minor exercises are a pain for me now.

    Love the thought of giving to those who need it; be it time or resources. I ended up doing two collection drives in my colony for some NGOs and boy did it feel good. Bonus was the clutter I could remove from my house which was lying unused. Some breathing space to the cupboards at last.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip and I look forward to the pics 🙂

  5. Adorable photo of Coco. 🙂 Not worrying has become such an impossible task for me lately. Today suddenly tears were rolling down my cheeks thinking about my kids leaving for college someday. My elder will turn 10 end of December and the younger one is just 3. And here I am. This year, I am also taking stock of my life and goals at this time. I can do without haste and rush when the year ends. Your recipes are delectable, Rachna. I hope you are having a fabulous time. <3

  6. First of all, please give a nice, big hug to Coco. And, also as many kisses as you can, on my behalf! I just wanted to reach out into my laptop screen and squeeze him tight! <3

    Yes, it's sure that time of the year when I too like to think if I have been following the goals I set and if I need to make changes in my mindset. It's actually something I do monthly, but more so during these months coz it tells me if I have been working according to the goals I set for myself in the beginning of the year. I am also thinking about what new I need to do for myself in the coming year.

    Take good care of your health, Rachna! I know I don't need to remind you to do that, but still… the aches and pains I experience when I miss out on my yoga tell me that age is catching up and we need to work extra hard to make sure age doesn't slow us down and ruin our plans!

  7. Your Coco stories on Instagram have become a part of our (D and mine) everyday lives. These days he is into dogs, dog videos and after us to get him a Labrador retriever pup. Labrador because they are kind and gentle dogs, a thing he also sees in Coco.
    Your food photographs are ever so tempting. I wish they were edible in themselves so that I did not have to suffer from the lack of ability to cook them and relish them. Your fitness tips have always been helpful. One or the other tip of yours always stick in the mind giving peace with whatever I can manage to do since maintaining an exercise regime has been real challenging ever since I left India.
    Wishing you a high-flying rest of 2019.

  8. This is my favorite time of the year. Love the fall weather & the festivities. I don’t take stock / plan for the year ahead until Nov, so during these months I usually take a month / week at a time.

    That being said, I think there is merit in planning ahead, when no one has started. Especially love to read about your fitness goals. You inspire me to stay on track! So, thank you!

    Coco looks adorable as always. Sending him lots of love & hugs.

  9. I love your outlook on life. You have so much energy and positivity. Wow you have been weight training for so long. At that time I didn’t even know it is a thing. Coco looks fabulous as always. Enjoy the festivities ?

  10. The last three months of the year honestly fly on wings! I tend to reminisce and feel guilty for time wasted and invariably these last few months are my rush to the finish line. I am always inspired by your attitude to fitness and your culinary skills. Rock on Rachna!

  11. Muffin says a bif woof woof to Coco. I actually love the year end, because it is my birthday, and somehow time for reflections . For the last couple of years, I too have been using this time of the year to reflect, to plan and to introspect. It helps to give the year ahead some structure and meaning.

  12. Being kind and compassionate towards others definitely makes us happier. Everything in life cannot be positive and perfect, but a smile or a kind word goes a long way. It might just brighten up somebody’s day. Sorry to hear about your knee. Take care.

  13. I am intrigued to know, how you lost 3kgs. I am struggling to reduce and really looking for ideas to reduce.
    I agree that showing kindness and compassion to others makes us happier but most of us don’t do that. I liked your idea of fun and mindfulness. Happy festive season.

  14. I have been following your food updates on twitter and so tempting Rachna. A part of my heart and brain wants to stay next door to you. I can do a bit of things for you and Coco in exchange for food that you cook 🙂
    On your workouts, I have known you to be someone who is consistent and stays on top of her fitness regime. I am glad it has worked well for you. Take care <3

  15. Much cuddles to Coco

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