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These days, sigh, I end up watching most Hindi movies with kids. The reason is that the husband has so many dislikes when it comes to Hindi movie heroes and heroines. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is an excuse that he’s invented so that he does not have to take us to Hindi movies anymore. Not all of them are watchable either. That leaves me with the kids who thankfully are always willing to give company.

But, it often makes for some hilarious moments while watching movies on TV especially with my younger son and his observations/questions.

I remember that we were watching a perfectly sanskaari movie when the lead characters decided to indulge in some heavy necking. Well, the kids are used to seeing kiss scenes. The younger one though loudly screams yuck which makes us all giggle. Anyhow, he had multiple questions like why did aunty take off her T-shirt? Why is she only wearing a shirt? Is she not feeling cold? So on and so forth. I have to give vague answers like she feels like it. Maybe, she is hot. Oh, she is out of her mind to prance around in only a shirt. For Dhoom 3, he had commented on seeing Katrina’s wardrobe as to why her mother did not buy her any clothes that were not torn? :-p

Yet another incident was when I was watching ‘Lootera’ a few days ago. Now, I really wanted to watch this movie since the longest time but never really got around to it. So, when I finally did, the younger one came and watched it with me. The movie was quite nice and kept him engrossed. He seems to have a thing for period movies especially the cars. He is a huge car freak. So, anyway, there was a scene when Sonakshi gets dressed up in a lovely saree and asks her friend, “How do I look?” And the son promptly interjected as if she had asked him, “You look quite nice. Your hair looks lovely too!” I wish she could have heard that. J It was spot on. I actually felt that Sonakshi was gorgeous in this movie. Then the son had so many observations like why she wore only saris. He also understands the emotion of love and said that she must be sad because she loves him and he is going away.

Then the other day, we were watching PK. The movie seems quite innocuous and so you would think. However, there was one scene about a condom. Why does Aamir drop these bombs on us? I had a truly tough time explaining ‘balatkaar’ in 3 Idiots. Now, the younger son kept pestering us to tell him what it was and what its purpose was. I started laughing and so did his father and brother. I couldn’t help it seriously. The more he pushed, the funnier I found the situation ‘coz we were stuck. I had no clue what to tell him. Nothing age appropriate came to my mind. As usual, he gave up on the other two and approached mom for the gyaan. I gave a very lame – must be a bubblegum kind of response in a small voice. Before he could proceed to quiz me on the flavors and which ones were my favorite – I gave him a very harsh look and told him to keep quiet during movies. Phew! He relented but gave me a very suspicious look.

Sometimes, the children can be such fun accomplices especially when you can pause the movie and replay. 🙂 It also allows you a peek into their thought processes. My fervent wish is that Hindi movies would be slightly more responsible with the language and content especially for movies with U and UA certification.

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  1. Thanks for giving me ideas. My little one too asks such funny questions that we end up laughing and annoying her. The most common one being ‘Why aren’t they wearing anything? ‘. Their innocent face makes it all the more funny. 😀

  2. *Makes note to self. Will need all this a bit later on* 🙂

  3. Gosh! I dread such questions 😀

  4. Bechari Katrina. 😛

    He is fun, I would love to watch movies with him. He has a talent to turning boring into fun. 🙂

  5. I’d have explained if someone kisses you without your consent, it’s balaatkar. I think kids would understand this because they don’t like being kissed by every uncle & aunty.

    Anyway, listening to kids’ talk is always fun. 🙂

    • Ravish, I had already spoken to them about good touch bad touch back then. Hence, I just directed him to that when explaining that term. The problem is not with their questions; the problem is with the age appropriateness of the answers. 🙂

  6. Arre…katrina ke mom ko ek tweet bhejo na….buy more clothes for you daughter 😛 I know I am laughing hard but how uncomfortable it is with these kids. S tho kabhi hindi movies dekhta hi nahi..and me too rarely. Son accompanies me on those rare occasions but with subtitles which are very distracting. If there are no subtitles, he will eat my head for every dialog. And my daughter doesn’t speak Telugu right, but would want to learn Hindi…uff…altogether another saga. I wrote a post on their movie qns in one of those initial posts on my blog.

  7. Hahaha your younger one sounds like a fun companion for a movie. 😛
    Kids in general are such curious souls and their questions and observations are the very best. 😀 However, I do hope the filmmakers are more responsible about the content of their U and UA rated movies.

  8. Such a sweet post Rachna. Yes the kids often throw us off gear with their questions and observations.

  9. Haha!
    How about balloons? 🙂

  10. Bubblegums! 😀
    Smart answer there. 🙂

  11. S is just 3 and the questions that he asks, I remember while watching Despicable me and Ice Age. I dread what it will be like as he grows. I still have not watch any hindi movie with him and plan to avoid it for as long as I can.

  12. ROTFL. Which is your favourite bubble gum flavour? :)))))
    How old is your younger son?

  13. Bubblegum! Hahah….by God!

  14. It was like going back to the days when my children were small!

    Shaking cars in PK … did your son ask for the reason?!!!

    I remember my son asking why the girls don’t wear jeans but short skirts and no T shirts!

    Once during the children’s fight with our neighbouring children my son who was around 3-4 years old called the other boy ‘basket’! That boy cried and complained to his mother. She asked me for the meaning and I didn’t know…I don’t know even now! Now, he says, it must have been the influence of English movies we were watching!

    Enjoyed your post, Rachna!

  15. I wish I could have seen the expression on your face as you explained your son about bubblegum 😀 A fun post, Rachna. But reading it also makes me gratefully glad that I never had to deal with this kind of thing!

    • haha Beloo, it must have been a cross between huge embarrassment and amusement. But, they are actually such good company during movies. At this age, they are just widening their horizons and are not as judgmental or cynical about movies as we adults are. Most movies, I don’t take them to yet there is so much content on TV that can lead to such queries. It is fun too, sometimes. 🙂

  16. The little one is so cute! 😀
    I actually agree on all his points. Katrina new clothes? :p Sonakshi..yes, she looked divine in the movie. 🙂 Hats off to you for coming up with the bubblegum theory which he obviously did not buy! 😀

  17. hahaha if I have kids I would stock up movies like Sholey so that I don’t have to explain all this stuff. Bubblegum… ROFL that;s witty 😛 Kids are so smart these days. My aunt would often ask me for approval before she starts watching it with the kids 😛

  18. Haha. This is so true. I’ve thankfully not had to answer questions from curious kids, but I’ve seen friends and others struggle to give answers to the questions kids ask these days 🙂 That makes me wonder why I did not have all these questions when I was younger. Perhaps those days the movies had logic 😉

  19. Hmm! Hehe Today’s kids are way too smart to get away from their questions..remember when I was growing up watching movie with ma parents, when an intimate scene was playing, walking into my room pretending to look for some book to come back after 5 minutes.

    • Oh yes, those uncomfortable moments. We wouldn’t dare breathe. Forget asking questions. The remote control used to come to good use then.

  20. I dont get awkward with my daughter, but get super-awkward if I’m watching action of the sexual kind with my parents. My first impulse is to flee.

    I guess, there will come a time when he’ll find out and it might as well be from his parents 🙂

  21. How do i follow your blog so it shows up on my wordpress dashboard…

  22. hahahah!! So sweet, about Katrina’s wardrobe, Sonakshi’s dress sense and the unfortunate balaatkar explanation!!
    I just hate the times when the hero is rude to the heroine or roughs her up before she agrees to ‘fall in love with him’!! It’s difficult to explain to my sons why the good guy behaves like such a jerk!!

    • Yes, that part too. That is subtle conditioning. The other day, Gurdev shared a video on his TL which showed a mullah talking about how to beat a woman gently. We were discussing that video during the evening. And the comments were hilarious! 🙂 I am constantly telling the kids that girls don’t dig jerks. Doesn’t happen in reality at all. 🙂

  23. LOL! A very familiar scene indeed ! My son is full of questions all the time – like why women still need to wear diapers 😀 or going Yuck ! on all kissing scenes. In fact while watching Marley and me, suddenly they get into bed and there he was asking loudly in suddenly awkward silence – about what they were doing 🙂

    • Oh man! I know. With all that bed creaking sound, that scene got so embarrassing. Yes, my younger son also asked but all of us pretended not to hear. 🙂 Yeah, that diapers bit I’ve heard as well.

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