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You already know the bane of my childhood was getting glasses at a very young age. I was still in 1st grade when I got my first pair and they were ugly. They made me look like an alien. Add to it the fact that no kids in my age group wore spectacles. I absolutely abhorred those plasticky things that made me stand out not in a very good way. I was teased mercilessly for wearing glasses. Things got better as I got older but I never made peace with my spectacles.

I remember when I heard about contact lenses for the first time, I was in college. That being an age when you are extra conscious of your looks, I was immediately game and tried my first pair which were semi-soft contact lenses. It wasn’t very comfortable at all and required some getting used to. But I kept at it. After all this was my battle with the spectacles and I wasn’t about to give up. Few months down the line, I became comfortable with this pair though there were still issues like being careful of dust, watery eyes etc.

Apart from the cosmetic appeal, what immediately worked for me was how much clearer everything looked. Those who wear spectacles know that our peripheral vision is severely restricted. With lenses I faced no such problem. It’s like my face had opened up with my eyes seeing clearer and better than they had in years.

Of course, I was itching to try soft lenses. They were much more comfortable. Since I had cylindrical power, I had to wait some time before the technology in eye care caught up and now I could try soft contact lenses as well. Oh, those were a dream. They were so soft and comfortable, you felt as if you were not wearing anything in your eyes. Clearer vision was now even more comfortable.

Of course, I had to let go of long nails as they could damage the lenses. But they were a small price to pay. I had extended-wear soft lenses that required daily care like cleaning with a lens solution and storage for a few hours along with a weekly cleaning with another product. Also hygiene was very important. Your hands had to be absolutely clean while handling the lenses as well as the lens case to ensure that you did not pick up an eye infection. But once inside the eye, the lenses were a breeze to manage. There was no issue in applying the kajal or eyeliner as long as I did it after wearing my lenses. Hence my journey continued and moved on to even more comfort in the form of disposable soft lenses that I currently own. These are even more comfortable and are thrown away after a week/fortnight/month of use depending upon the type you bought. They can be worn for more hours every day and are even more relaxing if possible. But, yes, they are pretty expensive.

Sure, I have acquired some trendy pairs of spectacles too that I wear quite often and I also have some stylish dark glasses. Eye wear has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past years. Now no one has to put up with ugly frames. As a matter of fact, both my sons have got impressive eye wear a far cry from my own childhood experience.

Life does come a full turn as now I actually prefer wearing my rimless glasses and keeping my lenses for special occasions. These days buying contact lenses from is so convenient too. With your prescription you can get both spectacles and lenses online from your trusted brands at quite a discount. Imagine the convenience of it as well as the cost benefit too.

Do you have any eye wear tales to share with me?

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9 Thoughts on “The journey of my vision

  1. I started wearing glasses only after my MBA, I was so studious you see!! Apart from the fact that I hate it when my specs keep falling when I bend down, everything is ok. My frames are sturdy and somehow even after falling a hundred times, they are fine!
    Nisha recently posted…13 things from 33rd birthdayMy Profile

  2. I got glasses in college but I could get by not wearing them. H however got them when he was 3. Contrary to my expectation – he being an active child – he has handled them beautifully.
    Beat About the Book recently posted…When the Help need helpMy Profile

  3. Disposable contact lenses, great. My eye story can be summarized in one sentence – i want one, but my vision is perfect. I think I will get in some years. You were a kid when you got your first pair. My nephew got it when he was 2. Terrible experience for our family.
    Saru Singhal recently posted…Then And Now…My Profile

  4. I enjoyed reading your post, Rachna. It was a little nostalgic for me as I’ve had a long journey with soft contact lenses and spectacles too. Bless the person who invented contact lenses!
    Your post made me think about experimenting with trendy frames. Time to ease off the contact lenses 🙂
    Kamini Lakhani recently posted…3 Essential Steps to Bridge the Communication Gap Between You and Your ChildMy Profile

  5. My story is pretty funny.. I have power in only eye and the other eye is completely normal. Doctors were baffled too. That’s why wearing contacts made sense but these days I use only glasses as they need less maintenance and I am lazy 🙂
    Avada Kedavra recently posted…The Martian – Book ReviewMy Profile

  6. I was the opposite; I longed for glasses to give me the ‘intellectual’ look! LOL!! But, I still have 20/20 vision!
    Big A now has glasses and he too longs for the day when he can switch to contacts!
    Roshni recently posted…An Indian Thanksgiving feastMy Profile

  7. Padma on March 27, 2016 at 5:14 pm said:

    Nice blog. Just wondering what was your eye poer at age five…and how much did it increase over the years? My son also needs to wear glasses…he is four years old…and i am very concerned about power increase as his power is already very high. Help and responses will be much appreciated.

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