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I first started suffering from allergies when I lived in the US. But it hit me really hard when I came to live in Bangalore a decade back. The first year was very bad with allergic rhinitis episodes almost every day throwing my routine life out of gear. But then I discovered Yoga and that helped me turn things around.

Do read my article on the prestigious Elephant Journal about how Yoga helped me combat allergies. Do read and comment there:

A snippet from the article:

There was a time when I suffered terribly from respiratory allergies.

I remember shying away from venturing outdoors when the pollen season was at its peak. Only those who suffer the symptoms of allergic rhinitis know how debilitating it is.

The runny nose, watery eyes, itching and sneezing fits can drive any person nuts and interfere with their day-to-day functioning. My allergies stemmed from both the dust mites and pollen.

Yes, the anti-histamines helped sometimes. And at other times, I had to go for stronger medication. But the allergies were always just around the corner. Read the rest here.



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6 Thoughts on “Yoga for seasonal allergies

  1. Anita Desai on September 12, 2014 at 12:29 pm said:

    My daughter was born in Delhi and suffered from allergic rhinitis for several years..moving to Gurgaon aggravated her condition. Due to this she missed out on many school activities. I am told Bengaluru is equally bad for those who suffer from AR. I vote for your experience that Yoga builds immunity and stamina and is the only cure for these allergies. Pills only add pressure to our internal organs. Great information here Rachna.

    • I think Bengaluru is the worst for sufferers of respiratory allergies. Long term pills really are useless as I found out. I hope instead of looking for miraculous cures, people pay attention to slow and steady ways of attacking the problem from the roots.Thanks for reading, Anita.

  2. A very helpful read, Rachna! Mindful breathing in any form is so good for many things. I myself have experienced healing on a deeper emotional level with the help of Pranayam and such mindful practices.
    Congratulations for debuting on The Elephant Journal!

  3. No doubt,Yoga is a cure for most ailments.Somehow,we tend to trust plissé more than anything else.
    My son had similar indications while in Bangalore…Having moved out recently,I can see the difference

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