snorkeling north bay andaman

Have you seen the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? Yes, the same one that shows three males taking a trip of a lifetime together. I loved the movie, the tiny tales it told and the lilting songs. The close friendships, the silly pranks and the challenges that help each one overcome a fear for life Read More →

lonesome Diwali

In my home, Diwali is the festival that is celebrated with the most gusto. I am not a very festival person and generally I like to witness the festivities and associated toil from a distance, but not for Diwali. From cleaning to cooking, decorating to diyas, buying new ethnic wear to a proper Lakshmi pooja, Read More →

Grateful this September

As always, it is good to look back and reflect upon the good and bad. For that reason, I love doing these monthly gratitude posts. September started on a great note as we whisked off to Coonoor for a beautiful family holiday in this quaint hill station. That the younger son was turning 10 was Read More →

Sucess is not about making money

Do you ever look at a colleague or a friend and think, “I wish I had their life.” Or “I wish I had their money.” I know, I have. Growing up in a tony neighborhood in Mumbai, I studied in a school that had kids coming from very rich homes. Think owning multiple cars in Read More →

Whatsapp don'ts

Since the launch of WhatsApp, it has caught on like fire. People think that just because they have your mobile number, it is their duty to WhatsApp you quotes, good morning, good night messages, jokes, videos and add you to groups where you don’t know anyone. All this without once finding out what your wish Read More →

selfie mania

If  there is one  innovation that has taken the world by storm, it is a selfie. Earlier we roamed around with our cameras mustering courage to ask a passerby to click our picture. And then later realized that either the picture was blurred or we were looking ungainly (fat!) only because of the bad angle; Read More →

gratitude for life's little joys

It’s a beautiful Thursday today. One day in a week when we don’t have eggs or any non-vegetarian food as a matter of fact. Just honouring a family tradition on my husband’s side of family. And, I sit down to acknowledge all that I felt grateful for recently. Well this week was quite a rollercoaster Read More →

welcome Mondays

Rather weird, isn’t it? I mean everyone hates Mondays especially on social media. Even before Monday dawns, people start cribbing as if it were the end of the world. It has almost become fashionable to do so. After the portrayed or real indulgence of the weekend, Monday seem like a groan. For starters you have to wake up Read More →

letting go

I glanced at her taking her ageing looks in. No, she is not glamorous anymore, not very pretty either. Her heyday long behind her. Her wrinkled body hides a solid, reliable soul. Not once did she not come through for me. My children have grown up in her lap. The younger one came home from the hospital after Read More →