I spent an absolutely horrendous day some days back watching my pet Coco, who is almost 12 years old, be really sick. While I have been a dog lover since childhood, it has been always a tough decision bringing a pet home. In the initial years, when the kids were young, I always pushed this Read More →

Why keep dogs?

Well there are many reasons I can give you. Kids universally love dogs. They find them cute and they feel that a puppy is an animated stuffed toy. They love to cuddle and hug a dog till time’s end. I can’t tell you how many children come home to play with Coco. So most often, Read More →


My Lab, Coco, is a dog with a slightly nervous temperament. He is a master in his own terrain read home but outside the house he is a clumsy wreck. A very peculiar trait that he has is that he runs out of the house and goes about exploring the neighborhood. Since our community is Read More →

While browsing through the movie channels, I came across Marley and me. I faintly remembered watching this movie a while back when it had first released. I faintly remembered the cast and the storyline. I knew this movie about a dog would instantly appeal to the kids. So, I recorded this one. And the entire Read More →

This is a long due post on Coco. He is more than 3 years old now and despite all his quirks, the little fellow (he is not that little anymore) brings us immense joy. You give him anything to nibble on like a piece of vegetable or a fruit and he rushes to his favorite Read More →

It gives me great pleasure to have done this Guest post for dear friend, Janaki Nagaraj’s blog, Memoirs of a Homemaker today. Janaki is a person I have known virtually for quite some time till I met her in Bangalore a couple of years back. What stood out for me about her apart from her Read More →

Oh yes, I heard that soft jingle again. This was my most favorite sound in the world. I quickly went bounding down the stairs. There daddy was, holding the keys casually in his hand. He smiled, as I sat near him. He asked me, “You want to come?” Of course, I always want to go. Read More →