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Sponsored Posts and Reviews: I am open to doing Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews on this blog as well as my cooking blog. I have done many on the website. The topics must be in alignment with the content on my blog. And I always share my honest opinions. Reach out to me for the rates.

Advertisements: Sidebar and banner advertisements on the home page and specific posts are available at special monthly and quarterly rates.

Giveaways: I am open to giveaways that bring something exciting to my readers. Most giveaways are accompanied by product reviews.

Do reach out for my Media Kit by emailing me at

You can see some of my published work at this Portfolio.

Blog posts, articles and web content: I am a professional content writer with 5+ years of experience in multiple national and international projects. I specialize in SEO-optimized articles, blog posts and web content. If you have a writing requirement, reach out to me for my resume. Email me at

Proofing and editing: I specialize in American English. Reach out to me for proof reading and editing of your written work.

Guest Posts: Currently, I am only entertaining guest posts from friends who I specifically ask them for. Please do not approach me for any other guest posts. You can reach out for Sponsored posts if interested.

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