This was a social get together, a function where families came together and interacted socially. Amidst loud ringing laughter and camaraderie, the men and women quickly segregated into their smaller groups. The children meanwhile found their own things to do, the younger ones began running all over the place while the older ones just hung Read More →

It was a rain-washed, downcast day on a July evening. I had just arrived at his Apartment complex and pinged him in advance, as I waited in the car. He was ready. I liked that about him – his punctuality, very in tune with mine. I watched him come out of his house towards me. Read More →

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Sid Balachandran of I Wrote Those  fame on my blog. Since I came across Sid in the blog world a few months ago, I have been a regular reader of his blog. Whether he writes fiction, humor, musings, parenting or slice-of-life posts, he does them all with elan! Read More →