women workload

I recently read this comic, and it completely resonated with me. I quite liked the term ‘mental load’ that was mentioned here. Based on my own experience and those of women around me, I would say that we are always carrying this mental load. Here are a few scenarios that I would like you to Read More →

why brands get their paid reviews wrong

As a professional blogger who has many reviews ranking on the first page of Google, I’ve been working with brands for years now. From small mom and pop brands to the largest multinationals, from PR agencies to freelancers, I’ve worked with all kinds. And more often than not, I’ve been dismayed at how brands approach Read More →

Sucess is not about making money

Do you ever look at a colleague or a friend and think, “I wish I had their life.” Or “I wish I had their money.” I know, I have. Growing up in a tony neighborhood in Mumbai, I studied in a school that had kids coming from very rich homes. Think owning multiple cars in Read More →

women ambition

I have recently been reading ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg  at a really slow pace. Slowly because the book engrossed me it being such a stimulating read. A high-profile, successful American executive opens out her heart and shares her experiences and you realize that at the bottom of it all we are so similar. A woman in America and a Read More →

In a way, it was literal for me #StartANewLife. In this case, it was a new professional life. As a person, I have been passionate and committed to my professional work. I was a Marketing professional who thoroughly enjoyed her brand management stint. Then, I was married and moved to US. The work sabbatical stretched Read More →

This post has also been published on Huffington Post India. As a content writer and the owner of two blogs, my inbox daily has a number of mails soliciting work like reviews, blogs, articles and guest posts. Most of these mails are really well drafted, praising me and my blog/work. I like praises, so I Read More →

Once upon a time, in a quaint little neighborhood, Mr. Sharma opened his tiny hole-in-the-wall sweet shop. His wife was an excellent cook and made fresh mithai with real ingredients every day. They made sweets and later namkeen with perfection using the best of ingredients and love to feed others. Needless to say that in Read More →

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Sid Balachandran of I Wrote Those  fame on my blog. Since I came across Sid in the blog world a few months ago, I have been a regular reader of his blog. Whether he writes fiction, humor, musings, parenting or slice-of-life posts, he does them all with elan! Read More →

I remember as we were growing up, we idolized people for their success. What was success? Money, fame, popularity, shiny cars, big houses, jewelry, and expensive vacations – did they signify success? Yes! We studied hard to get good jobs in well-known organizations. Life was meant to be lived in the fast lane. Hang around Read More →

I just had to write about my dearest enemy and the most important person in my life today. No, I have no hard feelings for her. Remember, I just wrote about forgiveness being divine in my previous post. And, so it shall be when I welcome her with open arms when she walks in whenever Read More →