I love summer. I hate summer. Yes, these two co-exist for me. Living in Bangalore for 2 decades now, it is pretty much rainfall throughout the year barring 3-4 months. 

Starting from January when our tiny winter is on its way out, we experience spring and summer in quick succession. As I suffer from dust and pollen allergies, rainy season when there is no sun for prolonged periods often wreaks havoc.

It is the spring and summer months when I love walking outdoors seeing the changing landscape of this beautiful city that is always under transition.Β 

Woman in summer

These days there is so much construction work all around that dust in the air is very common. I hate that. It is my time to walk outdoors. Just recently I had a bad attack of allergic sinusitis. Now, when I walk outdoors, I wear a mask. Imagine that! 

At the same time, summer with its abundance of sunshine is wonderful for my mood. I feel snippy and so optimistic. The world is my oyster!

I guess I am a true Tropical creature. 

Now the other side. Since I entered my forties and stepped into this rollercoaster ride that we call perimenopause, summer and its high temperatures have not been so nice.

My body temperature throughout the year stays higher than the others. My younger son has nicknamed me furnace. πŸ™‚ That is because when others need jackets, I wear dresses so that my extremities could cool down my permanently sizzling self. πŸ˜‰

My husband is used to turning on air conditioner at full blast pretty much through summer and sometimes in cooler times too.

As temperatures get into the 30s, my brain starts frying. My patience levels plummet, my sleep is affected.

Hot flashes are not cute in any Universe. I have suffered them off and on since months.

Like I said, menopause is a crazy ride that one tries one’s best to cope with. Workouts and sensible eating help, but I know that my body is changing in a different way.

I am grateful to it for so much that it has done for me, and hope that I can nurture it in this challenging phase.

So, yes coming back to summer. You can see how I love it so much and hate it as well. 

What works for me is staying active, both mentally and physically. Luckily summer is the time when I stay the most regular with my workouts. 

Walking outdoors is so good (even if it is with a mask). Strength training keeps my muscles and bones strong. At least, those are not creaking.

My professional work keeps me challenged and fulfilled. Can never feel grateful enough for that. 

Summer is also the time for pickling, mangoes, fresh salads, buttermilk, cold homemade drinks. 

I guess it is the perfect weather to make the most of the outdoors while also trying to chill both literally and figuratively. πŸ™‚

Let me know if you have a love affair with summer too!

14 Thoughts on “In the Summertime

  1. KPartha12 on March 2, 2023 at 10:55 pm said:

    I have just returned to Chennai from a wintry and snowy northern part of US and what a magical change to warmth and comfort even before the summer has set in! Summer makes one active, enthusiastic and much more productive as you have nicely put.
    Wish you a happy summer and lots of outdoor activities!

    • So good to hear from you, Partha Sir. Well, I absolutely hate that snowy cold winter. My son, who is in the US, is adjusting to that sunless winter. I am blessed to have milder winters in Bangalore that I try to make the most of. Hope you are well.

  2. Rajlakshmi on March 3, 2023 at 5:05 am said:

    Oh I saw a bit of the contsruction work on my visit last time. So much dust everywhere. But atleast the weather was nice. From what I remember, Bangalore weather was mostly pleasant, but the allergies… oh my god. I didnt take antihistamines during those days so running nose pretty much every season.

    Spring and Autumn are my favorite in Sydney. The weather is perfect anytime of the day. The summers here goes above 40 on some days and pretty much over 30 on most days. So without rain, it can be quite crummy.

    I hope the hot flashes get better over time. All that strength training must have helped you stay strong in your 40s. I wish you good Health as you navigate this pre menopausal phase. Take care.

    • Yes, the best saving grace about Bangalore is good weather. Else, the traffic and dust these days have really driven us up the wall. Just want this Metro construction to get over. Over 40 is too hot. Definitely not conducive. Yes, I am managing the hot flashes with diet and exercise. Of course, air conditioning helps. I am just waiting for menopause and to be done with this.

  3. Singapore, where I live, is the land of perpetual summers. So much of what you said here resonated with me.

  4. Love affair with Mumbai summers? No. Except for the mangoes there’s really nothing likeable about Mumbai summers. I, too, hate summers. More so these days, when those horrid hot flashes test my patience. Hubby feels cold, he covers himself under blankets and all, and I, who lie right next to him, throw away the blanket until the room cools down just right.
    I have never liked summers. The heat and the sweat suck away all the energy and one feels so dull and listless all day. πŸ™
    Looking forward to monsoons…Mumbai ki baarish! <3

    • Oh yes. Mumbai summers are exhausting. I heard it has become worse now with the pollution. Luckily, Bangalore summers have always been nice. More than anything, it used to be a time of very low allergies. Baarish, I am sick of, here. πŸ™‚

  5. Soumya Prasad on March 8, 2023 at 12:28 pm said:

    I hear you, Rachna! I have a love-hate relationship with summer too.

    Since I’ve been born and brought up in Bangalore, I know the actual old Bangalore. We used to wear sweaters to school even in summer, such was the weather before. Summer back then was bright but never hot. There always was a nip in the air making it the perfect weather for everything.

    Now, summer is hot, dry and prickly. It annoys me to the core what has happened to my city. The incessant rains post this will not help either. Earlier the rains used be arrive on cue. For a couple of months and then back to the perfect weather again. Oh, what I wouldn’t do to go back three decades ago.

    • I have seen that happen to every city in India. I grew up in Mumbai. Never had any allergies. It never got too hot though it was humid. But now, I am horrified with how bad the weather is there. My biggest issue with Bangalore weather is respiratory allergies. I only got them once I came to Bangalore. My doctor said there is a white flower weed that causes this among people here. Also the incessant dust and rain. I totally get what you are saying about Bangalore. I have lived here 2 decades and seen the city transform completely.

  6. Hahaha! Could find myself nodding my head all through this post! Yes, I was seriously fed up with the Jaipur winters and all the layers of clothing. And yes, I was craving for some real sunshine. In another months though, the sun will be too harsh and it will be too sticky to keep the hair loose. And, of course, I am in the forties too. Haha! What to say!!

  7. Summers I don’t mind much. It’s the transiting season that plays havoc with my system too- the pollens and the allergies. Though it’s so beautiful and radiant outside.

    But yes, the hot flashes sound familiar and they do come and go like a period cramp. Lol!

    After 4 years of practising yoga, I’ve also returned to strength training, knowing thats what will help me in the years ahead.

    Good to see you writing Rachna. Keep them coming.

  8. Summer was not so bad in Kerala when I was growing up. I think now summer is pretty heated there. When I was in Bangalore, that was 15 years ago, the city felt cool to me always. Summer in Bangalore never bothered me.
    But here in Phoenix summer melts us inside out. Yet, I don’t mind the heat that much. The temperature reaches 46-47 degrees, sometimes above that during summer here. My favorite season is spring and fall when the temperature mellows down and everything looks pleasing.

  9. I love summers any day compared to winters…and I am sorry you are going through all of these pre-menopausal stuff…my story is more or less the same but with lesser intensity. I feel ageing sucks man ..seriously! Dallas summers are brutal too just like South Indian summers…scorching heat even at 9 pm

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