I am slowly heading towards an empty nest. A couple of years down the line, the younger son will also be on his way to college. Being a parent is so hard. We try to do our best. You know the toughest part is aligning two different upbringings and sensibilities. My husband and I have Read More →

I love summer. I hate summer. Yes, these two co-exist for me. Living in Bangalore for 2 decades now, it is pretty much rainfall throughout the year barring 3-4 months.  Starting from January when our tiny winter is on its way out, we experience spring and summer in quick succession. As I suffer from dust Read More →

I spent an absolutely horrendous day some days back watching my pet Coco, who is almost 12 years old, be really sick. While I have been a dog lover since childhood, it has been always a tough decision bringing a pet home. In the initial years, when the kids were young, I always pushed this Read More →

An outline of a happy woman

Happiness is a state of mind. One can be deeply unhappy despite seemingly having everything. And then there are others who really are able to stay happy in very challenging circumstances. Is happiness about how we react to things or is it an all-enveloping result of circumstances? This question has always fascinated me. The other Read More →

Some of you are aware that I moved to an apartment complex in Bangalore a few month back. Now the weird thing about being a pet parent is that it shows you the character of people in very different ways. There are those who unabashedly love dogs. They will come waving at you when they Read More →

There is this monster that afflicts most women in their 40s. If it has not done anything to you, count your blessings every single day. After popping out two kids and suffering a lifetime of periods, I thought I could take on anything that life tosses at me. Well, I was SO wrong! As soon Read More →

Aha! I got your attention, didn’t I? 🙂 In January 2021, after struggling through months of doing all household chores during 2020, I finally took the plunge. I decided to hire a cook. In India having a hired cook is pretty common. But, I had been cooking all family meals for 20 years. It had Read More →

Mother’s Day just went by. It wasn’t even a day when we were kids. I remember my olden son was born on Mother’s Day weekend in the US. The nurse there told me when I was in labor, and I cared nothing for it. I mean, here I was suffering labor pains because the stupid Read More →

I can’t believe that another Covid-marred year is winding to a close. Frankly after two doses of vaccine, I thought that this Covid thing was in my bag. How very wrong! But now with Omicron in the picture, one never knows now, does one? I guess Covid has really taken us all through a roller-coaster Read More →