welcome Mondays

Rather weird, isn’t it? I mean everyone hates Mondays especially on social media. Even before Monday dawns, people start cribbing as if it were the end of the world. It has almost become fashionable to do so. After the portrayed or real indulgence of the weekend, Monday seem like a groan. For starters you have to wake up Read More →


For some strange reason, I am feeling excessively mopey this morning. Oh, please don’t raise your eyebrows. It has nothing to do with PMS! Yes, the kids have their FAs or unit tests in simpler tongue. And, as usual my hair is on the brink of going completely white. Making my younger son revise in Read More →


This is a very random post about random happenings around our home  focussing on the boys. For one, their first unit tests of the new academic year are on. Today is the last day for the younger son. I must be more happy than him for sure. 😀 In case, you didn’t know, I sit Read More →

Today is June 2nd, and it is also the day when routine comes back to Parmar family after almost two and a half months of madness! That is the only word that can define what hits our household when the kids’ summer vacations begin. This year we traveled a fair bit so almost 3 weeks Read More →