long term relationships

I was recently watching ‘Koffee with Karan’ show featuring Kajol and Ajay Devgn. Yes, I watch stuff like this sometimes. The episode was pretty enjoyable to watch especially due to how candid Ajay was about his wife, relationships in general and his career. I remember him from a long time ago when I was in Read More →

16th July 2008, that day when an innocuous journal post marked the beginning of this blog that you are reading today. So yes, we celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday. Like a little girl, she has a mind of her own and gives me immense happiness and a world of distress too as times. This time around, Read More →

My blogger friend Zephyr of cybernag.in kindly consented to do a Guest blog post today on my 11th Wedding Anniversary. Zephyr is a grandmother whose blog I’ve been following for some time now. Her blog posts are full of wisdom and humor, both the qualities I cherish. I feel a connect with her and sometimes Read More →