He is a little boy. I remember my first meeting with him. He was visiting my home along with his grandparents. He was very young just under 2 years, I think. Since there was a language barrier between us, I spoke to him in the language that all children understand – candies, cookies and chocolates. Read More →

My younger son is 8. Compared to his brother who is 4 years older, he always seems young. You know how age is actually relative. So, Sid at 8 was a big boy while Gautam at 8 is still a child. Though he is no longer a baby, we still try to hold on to Read More →

A really sick baby girl, born underweight. Suspected hole in the heart. With double diarrhea. Chances of her survival — very bleak. Some older relatives sulk for a second girl child has been born in the family. But he didn’t care. The ailing child sleeps on his chest deriving strength from his love. She survives. Read More →

It was my husband’s idea that we must have family movie nights every Saturday. It is indeed a rare occasion when the entire family sits and watches a movie together these days. The last one must have been one of the superhero flicks that we watched or perhaps “Gravity.” Most times, Hindi and English movies Read More →

Siddharth Parmar, my son, blogs at Musings of a Bookworm. He is an avid reader who reads Chemistry encyclopedias in the same vein as he does his Asterix and Tintin comics. He also loves playing Football, cricket and Table Tennis. He is a quizzing enthusiast as well. I take a lot of pride in how Read More →

Just the other day, our bunch of girls/women were discussing something about professional writing, and a lovely lady complimented me on how I am able to pack in so many things in my routine and do them well. Of course, I felt happy. Every compliment is a motivator and an energizer on many levels. After Read More →

To people like me blogging is a passion, a hobby, love of sharing and interacting and sharpening both my creative and writing skills. To an outsider, it seems like fun, silly, even glamorous with bloggers getting goodies and winning prizes. Very often the hard work behind the blog is not visible and recognized. The other Read More →

Last evening some of us friends went out for dinner and some fun to Radiant Retreat which is very close to our house. It is a nice, quiet place, green and we had the place to ourselves. We took full advantage of that 🙂 . We played kho kho with the kids to teach them Read More →