The caregiver's trauma

There was a time when I loved her. Her lovely eyes brimming with compassion, her beautiful smile and her warm hug. I dug them. She was my support, my moral compass, my life. Not any more! Now I find it an ordeal to step into her room. Her room minimal, her bedside littered with medicines. The Read More →


Snigdha hurriedly gulped down her coffee as she waved bye to her husband. He left early morning to beat the commute. She had exactly an hour to go before she hit the road too. Luckily her workplace was about 10 minutes away. Mornings were always very hectic in the Verma household. Their two kids were Read More →

Seema was cheerful. It was a special day. She got dressed in the oversized still nice salwar kameez which once belonged to Arunima didi. The garment hung on her; pretty tones of orange and pink complementing her complexion making her look lovely despite the size of the garment. She combed her long hair and made Read More →

Once upon a time, in a quaint little neighborhood, Mr. Sharma opened his tiny hole-in-the-wall sweet shop. His wife was an excellent cook and made fresh mithai with real ingredients every day. They made sweets and later namkeen with perfection using the best of ingredients and love to feed others. Needless to say that in Read More →

Arun was having a tough day yet again. But then it was nothing new. It seemed that life had become a spectrum of difficult times interspersed with very tiny windows of sanity! Just 5 years ago, Arun’s life was idyllic. His wife, Shanti, worked as a teacher in a school. A committed teacher, she loved Read More →