I just had to write about my dearest enemy and the most important person in my life today. No, I have no hard feelings for her. Remember, I just wrote about forgiveness being divine in my previous post. And, so it shall be when I welcome her with open arms when she walks in whenever Read More →

There is a certain virus in the air. It has taken India by storm. No, it is not a consequence of nature’s fury in the form of incessant rains or cyclones. It is not due to smog or pollen that starts afflicting our over-populated polluted cities at the doorstep of winter. It is a virus Read More →

I still remember how email first came into my life. Initially I had a hotmail account and one that was given by my dial up internet connection. The idiots had spelt my name incorrectly, so my email account had an extra “a” in my name and half the emails were thus lost. Then came the Read More →

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Srini Chandrasekharan of What ho! fame on my blog. Srini’s Laughing gas is among my favorite reading haunts. On twitter, @waatho is one of my favorite places for chuckles.  He is a published author of 3 Lives, In Search of Bliss and Instant Karma, a collection of short Read More →

Anyone, who has lived in Bangalore marvels at how we manage to drive so chaotically and survive. We have suicidal drivers, maniac bike riders, aunties who veer onto the roads in a two-wheeler at snail’s pace right in front of your car, homicidal bus drivers, goons driving autorickshaws who would challenge you by giving you Read More →