After a heated row with hubby, I was fuming and steam was coming out of all imaginable and unimaginable places on the body. For the umpteenth time, I asked myself, “Why did I have to get married?” Rosy pictures of singlehood began playing out like a stuck up ditty in my mind – the freedom, Read More →

Please read Part I and Part 2 before proceeding! And, in no time, The Gateway of India stood in front of them, majestic and inviting. The dark sea beyond had small specks of bobbing lights sparkling right till the horizon. Mesmerized they watched grasping the beauty of the moment. Avni suddenly asked him about the Read More →

Please read Part 1 of this fiction based on real life events here before proceeding to read this part. Continuing   So, on went the conversations, mostly honest yet carefully sugar coating the tricky scenarios. They wrote back and forth every day. As they got a little friendly, banter and jokes got added to their Read More →

It is said that marriages are made in heaven! When I look around at some of the couples I know, it has to be God who has put them together and keeps them together. Destiny really does have a role to play in our lives, sometimes upsetting every single premise that we have believed in. Read More →

My blogger friend Zephyr of kindly consented to do a Guest blog post today on my 11th Wedding Anniversary. Zephyr is a grandmother whose blog I’ve been following for some time now. Her blog posts are full of wisdom and humor, both the qualities I cherish. I feel a connect with her and sometimes Read More →

We celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary yesterday! It was a wonderful day spent reminiscing and being with the family and making me remember just how much is there in life to be grateful for — a wonderful loving husband, great kids, loving family and friends, joy, and laughter. Looking forward to the first day of Read More →