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This was a social get together, a function where families came together and interacted socially. Amidst loud ringing laughter and camaraderie, the men and women quickly segregated into their smaller groups. The children meanwhile found their own things to do, the younger ones began running all over the place while the older ones just hung around in groups casting a suspicious eye over their extra jovial parents.

While the women gathered to discuss weather, politics, traffic woes and the latest gadgets, the men had their set of topics to discuss.

Man A: Hey, your blue stripes T-Shirt looks so cool. *reaching out and fingering the fabric* It is such a nice change from the red and yellow stripes Tees that you wear.

Man B: Glad you noticed. I actually got it from Sullen Dolly (a top brand) recently. *in a haughty demeanor* They have some great prints too. You should check out their collection.

Man A: Oh, I certainly will. That staid-done-to-death belt goes so well with your khaki shorts.

Man B: Thanks! I like your animal prints shorts too. I especially like how it discreetly covers the paunch effortlessly. *all smiles* Your skull ring is so classy. What is it platinum?

Man A: No chrome and steel. I got it custom crafted at We Know Men! It goes really well with my macho bracelet. *flashes it around to widening eyes*

Man C has joined them. Pleasantries exchanged all around.

Man B: Wow Man C! What have you done to your hair? Those copper highlights are so cool. Did you also get hair weaving done?* Stepping closer pokes a finger at his hairline*

Man C: Hush! That clinic at JP Nagar is just so great and discreet too. I heard they did hair weaving for some cricketer as well. *Exciting conversation ensues where each one shares celebrity gossip and also about the men absent*

Man D walks in. Airkissing all around

Man A: Man D, you have lost so much weight. *Excessive gushing follows. Each outdoing the other to make the compliment seem bigger* How much weight did you lose? You can give SRK/Ranveer Singh/Ranbir a run for their money. Ooh, the lady killer has arrived! *wink*

Man D: No gym, baba. The stupid maid has been missing for almost two weeks. All the housework has been toning my abs. The wife is also happier. They glance in the direction of his plump, perfectly-at-ease-in-her-own-skin wife who gives them all wide smiles and goes back to her serious conversation about how the state of Indian economy was still down in the dumps.

Man A: *Interjects with his failed diet experiments* Oh, I tried this watermelon all day long diet for 5 days. I almost killed myself. These days I am completely off carbs. Bla blab la bla la la la la I also joined this new gym – Beefcake. The instructor is so hot! *Loud giggles*

Man B: *admiration pouring out from his eyes, quickly takes out his mobile phone* Takes down gym number.

Man C: I learned a new recipe.

Man B: *cuts in miserably* Don’t talk about cooking. I abhor it. My children are such fussy eaters. Anything I make is not good enough for them. *sulks*

Everyone chips in with suggestions and lots of useless advice with comforting sound effects.

Wife C glances at them and tells them that most of the people are already done with dinner. They’d better hurry.

Man C: Sure, honey. Come on guys. Let us all take some pictures before we eat our food.

All of them gather together adjusting their clothes and moistening their lips to take a few pictures while putting forth their best duck faces.

Man D is a great photographer. Everyone wishes to be clicked by him. He takes a few more individual shots of each one which must look completely unposed for as per the brief of his buddies.

They giggle some more and carefully polish off their dinner. Some children have already slept off. The wives are gesturing to them to hurry on.

Finally they leave.

Man D: I will upload the pics on FB as soon as I get home. Don’t worry I will only put up the good ones where all of you are looking hunky. *he added generously*

Thus wound up this truly happening social event.

And then we say that most women are only judged by their looks.

Feels ridiculous, right? If women want to be appreciated for their intellect, wisdom and other qualities, then perhaps it is time that they made a beginning with their own behavior.

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33 Thoughts on “A man-to-man conversation

  1. haha is this a true story?

    You know men talk, gossip and judge as much as women do ! Wonder why only we are tagged as such!

    • No, not at all. This is as far from reality as possible. I think the conversations that women share with other women are completely centered around looks, clothes, weight etc. Hence, I was wondering whether it is conditioning that we are like this. Is it possible for us to reduce our attention to appearance and engage in other matters?

  2. What a funny take to make a point by turning tables.
    But I can’t imagine my husband talking to his friends about brands or accessories. They just move around work, business, politics and nation.

    • They never do, Alka. At least I’ve not seen men obsessed about each other’s looks, weight etc. I just wish that women could rise beyond the appearance too. When we crib that people judge us on our looks only, shouldn’t we carefully examine how we behave? Why are looks, shoes, clothes and weight such overwhelming topics of discussion among women?

  3. janu on June 9, 2015 at 1:12 pm said:

    Hahaha good one. Gymming, brands, gadgets I can understand, gossips too but, cooking? Haven’t heard any of them talk about it.

    • Janaki, I was actually trying to show how absurd and pervasive the obsession of women is with appearance. Yet, we crave to be appreciated for things like intelligence and merit. Do we really practise what we preach?

  4. Do men talk like this! Anyway, I enjoyed reading it. It’s fun. πŸ™‚

    • No, they never do. It is such a relief that they don’t. I just tried to reverse the conversations to show how silly they are. I hope women would focus on better subjects and then perhaps the others would also shift the attention from only their looks.

  5. Did you forget to put ‘Wo’ before the man by any chance? πŸ˜› LOl…so true…women engage almost only this type of conversations…well, I think we are conditioned that way. I love political discussions and I hardly find a woman in any gathering who is interested in this kind of talk. And god forbid, imagine what will happen if I enter into a male discussion? boohh…

    • You got it girl! I just tried to show how silly these conversations are. I crave to participate in some meaty discussions but alas the topics are so tame that I just can’t stick around for longer.

  6. Loved this. Oh how I have been laughing while reading this. We obsess over such inane things sometimes.

  7. It takes mammoth effort for a gender to shift from it’s DNA. With no disrespect meant, I think it’s ingrained in women to focus on looks and worry about household activities. And it’s ingrained in us men to be careless and come in for flak from women πŸ˜‰

    Besides, how boring would it be if women stopped focussing on looking good and became more like us. That would really suck for us men πŸ˜›

    • Let me appreciate the honesty in your comment, Vishal. But I would like to disagree with the DNA bit. It is more of social conditioning in my opinion. I have had stimulating emotional conversations with men and equally good conversations on ‘serious’ issues with women. But, by and large, I see many women just tend to gravitate towards appearance, clothes, weight, children, in-laws, maids etc. I long to discuss books, music, movies or something similar but often find myself feeling left out. Of course, I have no such problem with college mates or friends. I was only referring to casual social gatherings of acquaintances.

      I think all of us should focus on being well groomed and on our looks, men included. But, I like the way men do it in the casual sort of way unlike many women who go overboard. πŸ™‚ We can still be feminine yet intense and deep, don’t you think?

  8. I loved the message you have expressed here. It indeed sounds so ridiculous. Most girls here talk about fitness, their workout and food and calories, which I believe sounds way better. I have often wanted to talk about politics and gadgets, but sadly, I never had much interest in those.
    It’s true, to be treated as an intellectual person, one needs to talk like that too.

    • I think it is okay to talk about clothes, accessories, weight etc. but not okay to only talk about these. It does make our thinking shallow and focused only on appearance. There are so many beautiful topics to discuss like books and movies if not politics and sports. πŸ™‚

  9. LOL πŸ˜€ That was a fun and a funny post, Rachna! For this very reason, I abandoned my evening walks with my neighbour. Such silly same old talks gets on my nerves!

    • Me too, Shilpa. I had this good group of women who I went out regularly with. But, conversations with them became so monotonous and gossipy that I just opted out of being with them. Perhaps. my wavelength matches with a few. Luckily, it matches with many women bloggers. πŸ™‚

  10. What a fun post! enjoyed reading it Rachna.. and it also makes me think that women are stereotyped so much that even if they are sitting and not talking such stuff, it would be assumed they are..

    • That is true too, Parul. I just wanted to ponder whether it is the stereotypes which make many women behave in a certain manner or it is because so many of them are actually quite intense about appearance that these stereotypes come about?

  11. Haha…this was a fun reversal of stereotypes.

  12. Hahaha…

    I know men don’t talk like that, but I am sure they notice. Taunt them once and they have weird remarks about others.

    • Men don’t talk like this at all. I wish that women would stop focussing so much on appearance and related matters. I find it quite annoying at times.

  13. You didn’t forget to put the maid in! πŸ˜€ They’re a must in all our conversations. Seriously! πŸ˜€

  14. Oh this was a great fun read, Rachna. I am reminded of that old song- Ramchandra keh gaye Siya se aisa ek din aayega πŸ˜€ Quite possible, quite!

  15. If women want to be appreciated for their intellect, wisdom and other qualities, then perhaps it is time that they made a beginning with their own behavior. – Exactly. Couldn’t agree more.

    Loved how you brought this up. Simply brilliant.

  16. I thought I was going mad reading about animal print shorts and skull ring!! *choke*
    I absolutely hate parties where males and females sit in separate groups – thankfully, it doesn’t happen in our personal friends’ circle! In formal gatherings where it does happen, I feel like I’ll go insane with the inane chatter about fashion, kids, and TV shows!!

    • I was giggling when I penned that. If some man were to actually do that, I would beat him with a stick. πŸ™‚ Me too. This segregation bit is annoying. Oh yes, TV shows! Such crap. I don’t even know how people tolerate that rubbish.

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