There is this strange entity that exists among us, is seen and yet unseen. It is so important that we dare not raise our voice against its notions. So, we end up pushing our daughters to marry against their wishes. We end up mortgaging our homes to spend lavishly on the weddings that we can Read More →

Long hair is considered to be the crowning glory of a woman. Pick out any of your favorite film stars or models, you will be hard pressed to find one with short hair. Thick, luscious, gorgeous long mane is every woman’s pride. Most women lament about hair fall and losing hair as they age. Most Read More →

We may not realize it but there are times when all we need is that knowing look, a gentle smile or an encouraging prod that enables us to reach for the skies. I have had the pleasure of knowing many, many souls who have encouraged, motivated and mentored me. Some of them were my teachers. Read More →

“Why are your children so thin? Aren’t you feeding them well?’” “Ask her to use chironji with milk; that will brighten her complexion. Otherwise, who will marry her?” “Why haven’t you conceived this far? I can suggest medication and postures!” “Why is your husband at home? Who earns?” “How much are you earning?  Give me Read More →

In India, we often quote culture! The richness of our culture, the superiority of our heritage. I used to take great pride even feel arrogant about this exalted culture. But then that pride got slowly chipped away one day at a time. The biggest blow came when I went to live in the US. Of Read More →

I was waiting for the tiny van to come. It was already later than the usual time. Finally I see the silhouette of the van as it turned the corner – the familiar yellow very soothing to my eyes. My aching legs rejoiced. The little boy inside almost jumped on me and wanted to be Read More →

When Union Minister of Health made some statements about sex education in schools to be culturally sensitive ensuring that crudity and inappropriate graphics be kept out, predictably the social media erupted in anger and puns. So we had some funny jokes on twitter and a lot of ranting on FB. Are we still discussing ‘culture’ Read More →

Towards mid-May, it being summer holidays for children when I was simply unable to handle my time, I pulled the plug on my FB profile. I deactivated it knowing that I will be back, later, when my life was more sorted. Why did I give so much importance to something that was completely within my Read More →

      This 14-year-old girl from a small village of Jharkhand lives in abject poverty. Her parents find it hard to make ends meet. Then they see a ray of bright hope. A man from the neighbouring village who has made it big in the Indian capital and is a role model for all Read More →

Seema was cheerful. It was a special day. She got dressed in the oversized still nice salwar kameez which once belonged to Arunima didi. The garment hung on her; pretty tones of orange and pink complementing her complexion making her look lovely despite the size of the garment. She combed her long hair and made Read More →