You know one of the delights of vacationing for me and my husband is in eating local food. And we like most cuisines, so it is hardly a challenge for us to try something new except that we don’t eat many kinds of meats. So this time, when we planned a trip to North India, Read More →

For the city folks and our kids, we love our holidays in the lap of nature but demand all the amenities we are so used to. Hence our kids must have their tellys with cable. There must be good A/cs and the husband has to have internet for his daily dose on the smartphone or tab. Of Read More →

These days when we go on a holiday, we plan in advance, months in advance because we want to have good deals. Vacations are expensive! Besides, if you are flying or taking trains, you have no choice but to book in advance or blow a huge hole in your pocket. For me, vacation is a Read More →

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” –  Peter Drucker Who but an entrepreneur recognizes this better? Entrepreneurs are this strange species that has stars in their eyes, dreams writ large on their faces and a fire in their belly to tread paths unknown. What drives them to give up their Read More →