In a way, it was literal for me #StartANewLife. In this case, it was a new professional life. As a person, I have been passionate and committed to my professional work. I was a Marketing professional who thoroughly enjoyed her brand management stint. Then, I was married and moved to US. The work sabbatical stretched Read More →

My current maid is the talkative kind. She regularly shares anecdotes of her family. She has two daughters younger than my children. She is working hard to put them in school. Her husband is a painter (not the Arts kind). I have noticed that whenever her children are sick, she is the one who takes Read More →

This Season of Satyamev Jayate came to an end yesterday. The topics chosen were marvelous and inspiring. While we may be aware of most of these, what is important is that this program brought about awareness, shared real-life stories of courage, despair and hope and brought these topics back to online as well as drawing-room Read More →

“Why are your children so thin? Aren’t you feeding them well?’” “Ask her to use chironji with milk; that will brighten her complexion. Otherwise, who will marry her?” “Why haven’t you conceived this far? I can suggest medication and postures!” “Why is your husband at home? Who earns?” “How much are you earning?  Give me Read More →

When I first chanced upon Red Handed’s blog, I remember having the feeling of hitting pay dirt. She does humor with a sassy, no-holds-barred attitude which makes for delightful, guffaw-worthy posts. Since then I have been hooked to her blog. She is a very popular blogger and deservedly so. I am delighted to welcome her Read More →

Just the other day, our bunch of girls/women were discussing something about professional writing, and a lovely lady complimented me on how I am able to pack in so many things in my routine and do them well. Of course, I felt happy. Every compliment is a motivator and an energizer on many levels. After Read More →

Satyamev Jayate is back with Season 2. I had loved the first Season. You may not share my views or enthusiasm but that is fine too. Yesterday’s episode brought on the tears and even the guffaw at one juncture. I know it is depressing to watch the pitiful state that prevails in this country for Read More →

I must confess that I absolutely love my monthly sojourns to the parlor. The biggest lure for me is the tranquility and pampering that really perks up the errr… spirits. And every single visit is filled with enlightening experiences. This was how the last visit transpired. You see a great exchange of information happens in Read More →

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” –  Peter Drucker Who but an entrepreneur recognizes this better? Entrepreneurs are this strange species that has stars in their eyes, dreams writ large on their faces and a fire in their belly to tread paths unknown. What drives them to give up their Read More →