It had been a tiring day on Friday and I was looking forward to catching up on my reading in the night over the weekend. Oh, how I look forward to weekends! Done with my dinner, I switched on my smartphone’s Wifi. After browsing through the emails and social media, I was about to log Read More →

I yearn to be appreciated here and now. I yearn to be remembered today and not paid tributes to after I am gone. I yearn to not be used, misused and abused. I yearn to be not told what I did not do but to be helped if I missed something. I yearn for some Read More →

It has been exactly a year to the day when a very special forum for Indian women bloggers was founded. I was added by Purba Ray to the group and thought of it as one of the other multiple FB groups that I am a part of. Well, I was wrong, very wrong! The group, Read More →

On Saturday, I attended Indiblogger and TOI’s Bloggers Meet held in Bangalore. I was curious as to how the session would pan out. And the topic is extremely relevant and emotional to all women. The discussions and sharing of experiences were lively and emotionally charged to say the least. And despite hearing horrendous tales and Read More →

Couple of days back, I went to watch English Vinglish in the theater with my kids after reading some really good reviews of the movie. Well, those reviews were not wrong, and the movie was time well spent. I am not attempting a review here. I wanted to talk about a very important and relevant Read More →

  Women’s issues were fascinating, frightening and never meant to be discussed in public in my childhood years. Menstruation was my first foray into it. I remember clearly that I learned about it sketchily from other girls and had my own apprehensions but did not approach anyone with questions due to the taboo factor around Read More →

I distinctly remember my first pregnancy for being this wonderful time when my skin was glowing, and my hair had become even more beautiful. I have been naturally blessed with thick, lustrous and wavy tresses that looked even more delectable now. So, I went ahead and got a trendy haircut. I was enjoying the pampering Read More →