When I see the beautiful Flintobox brimming with lovely activities for children, I feel like becoming a child again. My 7-year-old son, Gautam, was very excited when he saw the box. He expected some fun activities, and he was not disappointed. Flintobox as a concept is very appealing. Each box has a set of activities that revolve around one theme. This theme changes every month and for the month of January, the theme was Wild life. Animals have a special appeal for every child. This box is designed for children ages 3-7 years.


Courtesy: Flinto

The box is neatly and compactly packaged in eco-friendly packaging which impressed me right away. You can take out one activity at a time.

Let me take you through the activities for this month:


Jeep adds to his automobile collection

Activity #1: DIY Jungle Safari Jeep:

This sturdy cardboard jeep had its components(cardboard pieces) including nuts and bolts (plastic) and wheels neatly packaged together. With minimal help from the parent, my son enjoyed putting together his safari jeep. He loves cars, jeeps and almost all vehicles, so this was the first activity he chose to do. After assembling the jeep, he regularly plays with it just like any other car toy. This sure was a fun activity.


A fun game for the brothers!

Activity #2: Board Game – Jumbled in the Jungle:

This was a fun game that both my kids played together. Since they regularly play Ludo and Snakes and Ladders, they did not need any parental help here. Put simply, they had to match the heads of animals with their tails while rolling the dice. The player who gets most animal heads and tails emerges the winner.  A fun game it engages children. Both my children had fun doing this.

Activity #3: Reading Book: Flinto’s Brave Rangers:

A simple picture reading book of Flinto, The Octopus and his friends was an easy reading exercise for my son. Again the story is a wildlife tale that will appeal to most children with excellent quality pages and lovely images. For his age group, perhaps a bigger book would have been nicer.


Hard at work



All painted by my son, Gautam

Activity #4: Painting activity: My Safari Animals:

This activity is a lot of fun for all children who love painting. This activity has sturdy cutouts of 5 animals that include a giraffe, a hippopotamus, an elephant, a leopard and a crocodile. These come with their own bases that can be used to prop up and display the animals once the child has finished finger painting on it. This is one enjoyable activity where the child gets to dab his fingers in the paint and then paint whatever designs he likes on the animals. The pack thoughtfully contains an apron and paints for the child. This sure was fun though you may need to keep your eye on the child so that they don’t get too messy.

Bonus Activity: Keep learning animals

This lovely, picture book has detailed trivia about 7 animals that your child will enjoy reading and learning about.


Pic courtesy: Flinto


Excellent packaging: Each activity is individually wrapped. Each activity comes with detailed cards that show how each activity is meant to be done. This is very helpful for the parents

Bright, colourful and kid friendly: There are no sharp parts. Everything is created keeping the child in mind. There are bright colours, big fonts and lovely illustration. The books and other material are all made of sturdy cardboard and heavy card paper to handle rough usage. It can also be stored and gone back to easily.

Well-designed activities: The activities have been designed by experts keeping in mind the needs of the little children and their skill development. They are simple yet fun.

Unique: The concept is unique. And a new box every month ensures that the activities continue to stay interesting for both the children and the parents. That they are designed by child development experts is an added bonus.


One activity for an age group: My son being 7 years old found all the activities easy to do. But the same for a 3 or 4-year-old may be a bit challenging to understand and execute. Parental guidance will be more needed for them.

Overall: The Flintobox is a detailed activity box that focuses on providing learning with fun for children. The concept is excellent. There is painstaking attention to detail that I enjoyed. It makes for a great child development activity. Definitely recommended for all children in the age groups of 3-7 years.

Each box costs Rs. 1195. If you take longer duration subscriptions, you can get attractive discounted rates. Today, you get it at Rs 2385 for 3-month subscription at a 33% discount and get 6-month subscription at Rs. 4170 at 42% discount.

*Post Updated on 7th December 2017

20 Thoughts on “Flintobox – Wildlife Theme Box Reviewed

  1. Yohan on March 2, 2014 at 1:06 am said:

    BTW your son is very smart. bhagwaan use sadbuddhi, acchi education aur bahut sundar girlfrnd de 🙂 🙂

  2. This certainly looks like fun. I look at the school books the kids have and feel so envious. We never had such colorful books, did we? 🙁

  3. Wow! the box seems to be amazing and lots of fun!
    I love interactive toys for kids.. 🙂
    And your little fella looks completely engrossed 🙂

  4. This looks really good, especially that jeep!!! Great idea for the vacations!

    • I agree, Fab! It is a great activity idea to keep young kids engaged. My son did the painting of all 5 animals at a stretch. He loved it so much and the jeep was super cool too.

  5. Oh this sounds like fun! my 7 year old niece celebrates her birthday this week, I think I know what I can get her now 🙂

    • Wow! Yep, it is a great gift idea too. See, I didn’t think about that either. It will surely come in handy with friends who have younger kids :-). Thanks for reading, Seeta!

  6. Very original idea.
    In our condominium ,we have one kids corner where they paste such msgs

  7. Yes, it is a unique idea, Chowlaji!

  8. My son is 3yrs old. Can you please suggest if I should go for flintobox or it is too early for him?

  9. Neha on May 22, 2015 at 11:50 am said:

    Hi Rachna, really enjoyed reading the review for flintobox.
    My daughter turned three last week and I have been watching Flinto as a startup doing great since last one year and I thank them for doing what they are doing for the kids!
    I’m trying to find out, will Flinto be early for my three year old daughter! i tried checking(online) around four boxes from flinto and found its best suited for age between 4-6!
    May be I should wait for a year till my child turns four! God please let Flinto flourish/sustain till my child turns seven.. 😀
    Let me know your opinion.. 🙂

  10. Hey these look pretty interesting for small kids. Made of sturdy cardboard – no wonder these wooden toys.

  11. snehal on April 19, 2017 at 12:42 pm said:

    What would be the correct age to start with the flintobox ? My son is 2yrs old

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