I had to teach Gautam a couple of lines as he was dressed as a “newspaper boy.” I taught him, “I am a newspaper boy. I give papers to your house every morning.” He repeated the first line but wouldn’t say the second one. I asked him why. To which he replied that how can he deliver the newpaper to his teacher’s house, he doesn’t know the address :)?

He is very curious about how he entered my tummy in the first place when I was pregnant. He does not buy the God put you there theory. He thinks that he must have been an egg, which I swallowed, and so he entered my tummy :).

The most beautiful part of the day is when I go to pick him up from the school, and he comes running to me with a huge smile and gives me a tight hug. That surely is something I look forward to every day.

You cannot make him do anything by force. He will have to be talked to nicely and convinced, otherwise he just would not do it.

I love the way he says “ma.” I prefer that to mummy, mom or anything else. Just a plain “ma.”

He has improved big time on his eating habits. He has become a much less fussy eater, but he does have a mind of his own. He asks me to prepare things that he likes. And, if I say, “Tomorrow, I will make this.” He would be sure to remember it the next day and ask for it. One cannot get away with delaying:).

And, he is doing so well with his writing. I would only take a part of the credit for that. He has a most wonderful teacher, very supportive and trained. She explained to me how to go about practicing with him at home. She also explained the virtue of being patient and not shouting or getting frustrated if the child does not conform to your standards. After all, those are the standards we set! I love interacting with her. She is young and confident and absolutely adored by Gautam. And, that speaks very highly of her because Gautam takes really, really long to like someone.

A warm smile, a beautiful disposition, a loving heart, a sharp observation, a very clear voice, a perceptive intelligence — Gautam.  I am blessed to have you as my son!



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25 Thoughts on “Gautam!

  1. Touched!! Beautiful post

  2. So sweet of him!!

    Even I prefer Ma over mama/mummy/momma

    God bless him!!


  3. Nothing like that hug that you described..Its priceless.
    So happy for Gautam that he has such a supporting teacher. My kids have also been blessed the same. Beautiful post!
    Yes Even me! I love ma..or any personal way of calling me..rather than Mummy. The kids do take that liberty and I love it.

  4. Gautum u r too sweet beta…
    rachna ur post shows how good u r as as mother…keep the love flowing..all the best…:)

    hey neil was too dressed as Mcd and xmas tree..but is very shy on stage….

  5. For every mother the child is the most precious.It is good to remember the world is large and full of such lovely kids and all the mothers look forward to them.
    Childhood vanishes so fast.Before you realize, he would be grown.Enjoy every moment of his growing up.
    God bless your son.A wonderful Christmas and New year.

  6. @bbsearchingself Thanks!

    @Bhupesh It is sweet of him. He is very loving in a lot of aspects. What about papa? Do you prefer that or pa or something else? thanks so much! Hope you are having fun with Shaurya’s new mischief.

    @Gayatri Thank you, didi. We mothers love to talk and feel so overwhelmed by the smallest things our children do! I remember, I used to call my mother, ma for a very long time. It has a very special ring to it!

  7. Awww! I like his logical mind. Naturally he cannot give paper in his teacher’s house if the address is not known to him. My friend’s son – all of 5 years old – badgered her to come to his school for a mother’s get together. Reluctantly she agreed. Then on the day of the event, HE refused to go saying it was only for moms!!

  8. @rohini Oh, that’s such a wonderful thing to say! Thanks so much. Gautam is also so very shy. He rehearsed the lines, and when we were coming home the next day, he said that he had said them loudly. Later, his teacher said that he did say that he was a newspaper boy, but he did not say the rehearsed 2 lines, he smiled and went back :). And, this was just in his class.

    I am sure Neil must have looked real cute in his Christmas getup.

  9. @Dr. antony A child is special to each parent. And, though we crib like crazy, just like you said, we will really miss their cute childhood mischief when they are all grown up! Wish you a merry christmas and a very happy new year too.

    @deepa That one was funny :). I know, sometimes children’s comments are so funny yet so perceptive. It is interesting to see Gautam’s reasoning about things, the way he speculates, it is a lot of fun.

  10. You are indeed blessed to have such a nice little boy. God bless him 🙂

  11. best wishes to junior yar..good post as usual..

  12. bless him 🙂

    proud ma 🙂

    the reason why he is doing so well is cause he has a happy HOME and that makes all the difference … so well done to you and hubby tooo 🙂


  13. This is such a wonderful, heart-warming and full of love post Rachna. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about your dear son. I too am called Ma which I too love!

  14. @Destiny’s Child Thank you. In all the struggles of parenthood, we sometimes forget to keep in sight the little joys of raising kids.

    @Ramesh Thanks buddy!

    @Bikram Thanks so much! Such high praise and such sweet words. Oh yes, dad is a major part of his happiness. He is very close to his papa, and it is a pleasure to see them monkeying or cuddling up :).

    @Cheryl So good to hear from you! Thanks for your warm words.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hi Rachna,
    Beautiful post, feelings rightly expressed. Even I prefer amma , appa. I can’t stand this mummy daddy thing.
    Such a lovely child.

  17. wow i love this post so cute!!!

  18. @Rama Thank you! I guess this feeling is universal with all mothers.

    @Emmy Thanks so much. I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but do check your comment form. It is not letting me leave a comment :(. Merry Christmas and have a fun time.

  19. A child carves for the mothers love. A mother carves for the child’s affection. Both are in ample here, in this post. Touched my heart.

  20. beautiful post 🙂

    the most interesting part is swallowed egg theory 🙂

    No doubt he is a very bright and intelligent boy… best of luck for both of you 🙂

  21. seems to be a sweet kid…:)

  22. Ah, Great. Your son will one day read this post (or has he read it already?) and will be proud of you. You are a lovely mother Rachnaji, I am glad that I have such a great person as my friend in the blog world.

  23. Humm, I keep thinking what Gautam will think when he grow up and start to read everything his “ma” wrote about him…
    Looking through this point of view, I’m happy about him but also jealous. I would love to read things my mom wrote about me when I was a child and I would love the same way to read the comments of mom’s blogfriends did about me.

    Besides all the positive points you got by the way you comes educating your children, I guess this, blogging about them, will give special moments to your family in the future 🙂

    Gongratulations and Happy New Year 🙂

  24. @AS Thank you for your visit and for such warm words.

    @sharodindu and Harish Thanks :).

    @David Precisely so! One of the reasons why I started writing seemingly mundane things is so that kids will have real words written by their mother when our memory fades or after we are gone. I wish I had something like this from my mother too. She is not even around and passed away at a young age of 52. Today I miss her so much and wish I had more than her memories only to go by.

    Thanks for the encouragement and warm words. You know, women are such sentimental creatures!

  25. @Anulal Thank you so much for your comforting words. No, he is not able to read till now. But, hopefully one day he will :).

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