Summer vacation are never the same as they were in my childhood. I walked down that nostalgia lane in this post. As we moved from joint families to nuclear ones with working mothers, no more monthly sojourns to relatives’ homes. At least, not for me. Family visits are quick and short. And the kids hardly have the temperament to adjust and put up with each other’s idiosyncrasies. We are truly becoming more self-involved and less social. But, I guess that is how times evolve.

summer vacation

The heat is on and so is the vacation of the kids. But, it isn’t that bad this year. You know, it is easier and less taxing to have one kid. I mean that is a no-brainer. Having two children does not only multiply your work by twice but more as they have so many sibling issues that you have to ‘referee’. But among the nicest parts is the love they have for each other (despite the million quarrels) and the company they provide to each other.

So this vacation, both the sons have been doing things together. Going to the swimming pool, cycling, playing badminton and TT and their board games along with their gadget games. They wake up late and sleep late, no matter what I tell them. I am making them help out in the kitchen – small things like cutting salad, setting the table, cooking rice (elder son) and make nimbu paani, half-fried egg, run errands (younger son).Since I work from home and they are doing a lot of their own stuff, it is kind of peaceful so far.

Coco has been his usual exuberant self, sleeping long intervals and always ready for a hug or a game. When I feel bored, I just call him and have long conversations with him while he nods his sagely head. Sometimes, he validates what I say with a loud hmmm. All conversations with him end in a lot of hugging and stroking.

We have got their books for the next session and I am dreading the covering bit. Luckily, my mil will be coming by in a few days and she helps a lot with this. Another thing about vacation is cooking. I have to cook unbelievable quantities of food as the kids are always hungry. The good part is that I can catch some more sleep in the mornings.

And the best part about summers has to be mangoes. If you are a mango lover, as most of us are, India is the best place for a mindboggling variety. Here in the South of India, Banganpally, Badami, Sindhura, Malgoba, Mallika and Raspuri are the most notable varieties. I have been staying away from store-bought ones since I am not sure if they are chemically ripened. Luckily, a neighbor has his mango farms, and we have been buying from him. I just had my first taste of mangoes and it is delicious as always. Summer is also the time when I look forward to jamun. It is a favourite fruit of mine and has a very short season. Waiting eagerly for that.

The heat is all kinds of crazy just now. So we lay low and pass these two months as best as we can till the rains descend upon us with another set of problems. But never mind that for now.

How has the summer vacation been treating you?

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10 Thoughts on “Summer Vacation Swishes By

  1. Summers are such relaxing times, aren’t they? If it wasn’t for the heat, we could plan so many more outdoor activities as a family. That’s really sweet that you’re getting the kids to help out with chores and activities around the home. It’s really helpful for them in the long run. Working from home can be a bit taxing for sure if we didn’t get any help. Gy has been helping too, bless her soul. I love mangoes. We’ve been binging on raw mangoes so far. Waiting for the really sweet ones to hit the market. Mango people here!

  2. We used to have winter vacations in Shillong, 2 to 2.5 months long. Summers we had off for about 2 weeks post our midterms. I guess there were no summers really in Shillong at that point. I miss those vacations and I know M won’t have such vacations because we don’t have the time. But anyways, this year summers have been okay so far. I’m dreading the rains though having to commute with M every day. So, I don’t mind a long summer really 🙂

  3. The disappointing thing is that the US summer vacation doesn’t overlap with the one in India, so by the time we come to visit, the cousins are in school! But, ya, I remember my own summer vacations of sleeping late hours and for long, lazing in my bed reading endless storybooks, playing with neighbours, and staying the whole day at my grandparents’ house! The best times!! Now, that my parents often come over during the summers, my kids are enjoying that too!

  4. Agree, things have changed with times when it comes to summer vacations, except the craving for mangoes:)

  5. It’s good that you are involving the kids in cooking activities. Summers are always good because of mangoes and litchis. 🙂

  6. You are able to channelise their energy. That would lower the number of quarrels. Idle mind is devils workshop. 🙂

  7. Things have changed a lot. We used to go to our granny’s place during summer vacation. But because of kids’ summer camp , they can’t go.Summer camps have replaced visiting granny’s house 🙂 .
    Even I hate binding the books.

  8. Reminded me of my summer vacations during my childhood! Now, though, things have changed..Kids have their activities to keep them occupied (thank god for small mercies that they get some vacation homework!). My nephew’s vacations begin from tomorrow. And, reading your post, I only can imagine the scene in the days to come! 😀

    • hehe Here they don’t get any vacation homework but that’s good in a way. It is a joy to see them do pretty much what they desire though it can get on our nerves sometimes. 🙂

  9. Summer vacations are our favourite time of the year. Good to hear that your sons are doing so many things rather than being stuck to their tabs. It’s such a pleasure when the children grow up and are no longer in your hair all the while. And I love the picture of Coco hmming to your conversations :-).

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