Diwali is by far the most important festival celebrated in my home. It also has some lovely memories associated with it. My childhood memories are redolent with the fragrance of Diwali spent in my maternal grandfather’s home surrounded with uncles and aunts and cousins. I remember that we absolutely loved those icky black crackers, which Read More →

It was 5 pm in the evening. Suddenly the sky went completely dark, swallowed as it was with black, bulbous clouds. Within a couple of minutes, sheets of water descended from the heavens coupled with loud thunder. It was suddenly as dark as an inky black night. The streetlights came on. And we stood with Read More →

Has it ever happened to you that a particular aroma transported you right back into your childhood, back to being a little girl? I believe nostalgia has its own unique fragrance redolent of beautiful times! And there is something beautifully Indian about our childhood memories and the aromas we associate with them. I have some Read More →