what's in a name

Most of us like our names and I certainly do. I am grateful that my parents called me creation (Rachna). Many Hindu names have lovely meaning till Indian parents of my generation got lured into naming their kids Ahana, Arahan and what not. But when it comes to my husband, his Punjabi father went the Read More →

I took off my footwear in the car and walked the stony path to the temple carefully. As I stepped into the huge courtyard that the large, ornately carved doors led to, I bent down to touch the threshold with my hand and touched it to my forehead in obeisance. My younger son who was Read More →

My friend, Shantala, tagged me in what seems like a fun tag, Anything but books. As the name suggests, one can’t name anything related to books or books in any answer and that I can imagine can be challenging and fun. So, I bit the bait. Now, I know that most of you who have Read More →

poor children

Friday evenings are fun. They are the culmination of a tiring work week and generally are a precursor to a relaxed weekend. Okay, not that relaxed but at least a time to unwind, catch up with the chores, read, watch silly TV or movies and tolerate the kids waiting for Monday to come quickly. A Read More →

Dear Me, Aren’t you happy getting a love letter? Let me first begin by wishing you a very Happy 40th birthday. I know that age is just a number and the thought of being over the hill has crossed your mind a few times :). Ah well, but you know what, I know you wouldn’t Read More →