blog anniversary

Today is the 9th Anniversary of Rachna says. The blog that transformed my life in a way and made me indulge in my passion of words. I also launched two more blogs: cooking and fitness blog, Rachna cooks and travel blog, Rachna’s Travel Tales subsequently. Last year, I had hosted a giveaway and gave some Read More →

16th July 2008, that day when an innocuous journal post marked the beginning of this blog that you are reading today. So yes, we celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday. Like a little girl, she has a mind of her own and gives me immense happiness and a world of distress too as times. This time around, Read More →

Rachna says 2015

There is something very comforting about statistics especially when they reiterate what you have been aspiring/working towards. Seriously, even while reading or writing articles, I focus on statistics which quantify ambiguity and somewhere stick with the user. So why am I harping on statistics now? It is year end and it is a good time to Read More →

It is fun, bittersweet and nostalgic to look back at your year especially when it comes to my blog. WordPress does a great job of sending you a snapshot of your blog’s performance. I will use some statistics from there but this baby of mine deserves a more personal approach. 🙂 Here are some milestones: Read More →