women rituals

You know how rituals are colourful, joyous and always accompanied with a variety of food. But these same rituals are restrictive in nature if you scratch below the surface. They keep some people out. Have you noticed how in most Indian festivals and poojas, women are at the forefront. Planning, executing and celebrating. When I Read More →

karwa chauth

My first brush with Karwa Chauth was though my mother. I remember her dressing in gorgeous sarees, some from her wedding trousseau wearing lovely jewellery and keeping the fast with cheer and peace. She woke up early morning before dawn and ate whatever she had to eat. Since I never woke up that early, I had no idea how she Read More →

Sitting in the lovely room with her mother, she was feeling extremely nervous. The damn garment weighed tonnes and weighed her down so bad that she couldn’t even pace around to calm her nerves. She had never used makeup in her life, and all that jewelry was making her feel nauseous. As she looked in Read More →