Sitting in the lovely room with her mother, she was feeling extremely nervous. The damn garment weighed tonnes and weighed her down so bad that she couldn’t even pace around to calm her nerves. She had never used makeup in her life, and all that jewelry was making her feel nauseous. As she looked in the mirror, she saw a girl she couldn’t recognize. She looked all grown up and mature, almost like a stranger. She tried to fathom the sentiment in her eyes but couldn’t. They looked blank. It is another story that she had waited, literally pined for this day to dawn. Just the thought of the day had driven her mind to ecstasy. But now, she had a bad case of nerves.

She peeped through the curtains of her first floor room and could see a bunch of people walking into the venue through the gate. She was looking out for one particular man but could not make out any individuals in the melee. Everyone was smiling. There was a lot of festivity and happiness palpable in the air even though she could not hear any voices. Her mother was just gazing at her face quietly, not saying a word, no doubt experiencing a lot of emotions of her own. But the two of them just kept quiet while their minds raced. Then the door opened and in came the sister and cousin. It was time to go. It was time…

It was a surreal experience, as she went escorted by two pretty women on both sides. She kept her eyes low, as she walked towards a beautifully decorated stage. She could feel people turning to look at her, their conversations ceasing, and their eyes clearly glued on her. That walk of a few meters seemed the longest in her life. Somehow, she made it to the stage without tripping, falling or passing out. As she stood there waiting, little butterflies did a merry dance in her tummy. She could sense him come on to the stage before she saw him. He was surrounded by others. He had a big smile on his face, and his eyes were twinkling. That sight suddenly dissipated her nervousness. Her mind shut out the banter and noise, as she focused on his handsome face and her face broke out in a big smile. Oh yes, she wanted this. This was going to be fun after all, as he took her hands in his own warm ones. She swiftly pushed all anxieties away and got ready to undergo the rituals of a big, fat Indian wedding.


On 11th December, we celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary! His eyes still twinkle!



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