back to school

Summer holidays are the best times of one’s school life, aren’t they? They were even nicer when we were kids. Really, most of the time was just spent in idling, playing about, visiting cousins and grandparents and just having loads of fun. Now, since many women are professionally working, we don’t have the luxury of Read More →


For parents living in Bangalore, June is a welcome month. Not only is the monsoon on the doorstep and rain-washed days become a reality, but schools reopen after the summer holidays. After putting up with two months of screechy kids at home, our spirits are battered and our patience reservoir is running really low. A Read More →

Today is June 2nd, and it is also the day when routine comes back to Parmar family after almost two and a half months of madness! That is the only word that can define what hits our household when the kids’ summer vacations begin. This year we traveled a fair bit so almost 3 weeks Read More →