It has been dismaying to note that the terrorists brutally attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team which was touring Pakistan. They injured some players and killed the policemen protecting them. They managed to spread panic and destroyed all chances of international cricket in Pakistan for some time to come. It is very clear that it is an attack on Pakistan trying to weaken them in the eyes of the world showing that they are unable to provide any reasonable security to visitors. I am happy that Indian team had its tour called off to Pakistan. It is very worrying for us Indians that the fundamentalists and terrorists in Pakistan are cutting loose. They are striking at will and the weak government is just not able to rein them in. No one is safe from them. They even turn to harm the people who came to their country to salvage their own reputation after teams like Australia and India had backed out of their tours to the country citing security concerns. 

The monster they helped raise is turning its ugly head on them ! We in India are worried about the growing chaos in Pakistan and its repercussions on India in the long run.

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