This is a post I did on Father’s Day two years ago.  Here it is with minor modifications because sentiments remain the same…



Today is the 100th Anniversary of Father’s Day and though I feel that most of these days are just commercial gimmicks meant to boost the sales of the greeting card companies, I like this one. I think fathers are very special. They are not as overt in showing their love as moms are. As a provider, their traditional role in the family was that of a disciplinarian — stern and tough and very rarely letting their sentimental sides shine through. And, they most certainly are not cherished or celebrated the same way as mothers are. A little unfair, I’d say. I love my dad and I am close to him like most daughters are.

As a child when growing up, he was a figure we respected more out of fear than love. A stern look from him would see us siblings hiding for cover :). I remember that he hardly ever raised his hand on us. He was this person I idolized for his intelligence, his organized ways, his charisma and so craved his recognition, his attention. I was always a very good student at school, and my father was never lavish with his praise. So, even a small word said by him or a word which I thought he had said would make me feel on top of the world. Such was his aura.As we were growing up, I began to appreciate his other more subtle qualities. He always listened to our opinions. We would be a part of all the family decisions. He made us very independent and allowed us a lot of leeway in terms of making our career choices, allowing us to go for camps, hardly ever questioning us inordinately. Though I would have liked some more guidance and hands-on parenting at that time.

He somehow made me feel important, like an adult – able to make my own decisions! And, all through my life when I turn to him for an opinion or an advice, I can be sure that it would be level headed and balanced. He does not enforce his views or opinions but at the same time makes compelling arguments. A very rare quality to have ! I have imbibed a lot of values from him – his sincerity, dedication, hard work, his passion for reading and writing, and his health consciousness among others, but I am more open and social just like my mother. As I have grown older, I have grown closer to him. There is never a backslapping relationship possible, but there is immense respect. He truly is a pillar of strength in my life. One very important lesson he taught me was to never compromise my self-respect. If I am a strong, confident, self-respecting woman today, it is because of the balanced upbringing that my parents gave us. On this Father’s Day, I would like to say thank you to him for being such a wonderful father and such a decent and honest human being. He rarely preached, but the way he led his life has infused great values in us because actions speak louder than words. I can say it on behalf of all three of us siblings – Thank you Papa, We love you very much!

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  1. Such a great father..very nice writing..

  2. A lovely and very honest post about your father. We all follow various special days , like Father’s day/ Mother’s day/ Valentines day and so on, saying it is a western thing, but why not I ask?
    We need not be lured by all cards and fundas of the people who are in the selling business, why grudge them, for they too are out to cash in on such occasion.
    But for people like us, it gives us a special day and a special opportunity to express our love for the people concerned, which due to our upbringing, many of us hesitate a bit, although we don’t need such special days to express our feelings for we know within ourselves that we always love them.
    So no cards bought, nothing fancy, just writing a few things about such people in our lives is good enough to make us feel so good.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your father with all of us.

  3. very nice , thank you for sharing and telling us about your dad..

    actions do speak louder then words.. I beleive in that always ..


  4. It was nice to know about your father on this day. 🙂

  5. @Tomz Thanks so much!

    @rama You make a valid point here. Go with the celebration of the person without the gimmickry. Of course, in our cultural setup, it was not so common for our parents and us to tell each other what we actually felt. So, this gives us a nice occasion. With my kids, both my husband and I are so much more open and expressive in our hugs, kisses and words. Thank you for liking the post.

    @bikram Thanks! With fathers, we have a special sentiment attached.

    @Insignia Thanks!

  6. lovely, beautiful and intense. 🙂

  7. to be frank I was expecting this post.lovely!

  8. @Rachit Thanks

    @Vijay Of course, it being father’s day.

  9. Amazing post! Firstly Happy Fathers Day to your dad and I wish him all the best. You are lucky Rachna to have such a person in your life, to have a dad even. Cherish this as not all of us are so lucky. Here’s to you spend many more happy moments with your dad.

  10. “They are not as overt in showing their love as moms are…” so true for most of the Fathers……

    Plz Convey my sincere regards to him…..Lovely Post…

  11. Very nice post. It is good to pay respect father. You wrote a complete post….

  12. @Emmy Thanks a lot for the wishes. Believe me, I do realize how important his presence in my life is. I lost my mom 10 years back, so he is the only one I’ve left now. It is strange that though I am a parent myself, I still feel like a little kids comforted by his presence.

    @Irfan Thank you so much.

    @A Thanks a bunch.

  13. That’s a beautiful post Rachna! I love the way you have written about Dad and how you have ended it too.

    Nice knowing your Dad. Please pass on my kind regards.

  14. You are lucky Rachna… I lost mine and I miss him so bad after reading this post. Cherish your time with him and feel blessed.

  15. The way you described your father reminds me of mine.Even we used to be very scared of or saw him in only a respectful way throughout childhood,it was only later during my teengae and adulthood that I knew him closely.He was an ideal dad were he was a”father “during childhood,”a friend and an adviser during teenage and “well wisher and a shade during adulthood”

  16. @NRIGirl thank you so much for liking it. I surely will pass on the kind words.

    @Alka I understand how difficult it is to lose a parent. I lost my mum too 10 years back and pine for her till the day and I guess will do so till my last breath.

    @raji How sweet and how blessed we both are!

  17. Wonderful sentiments Rachna.

  18. Heartwarming !I lost my dad ten years back but feel him around me always.

  19. @Jane Thanks

    @Kavita Thanks! I feel the same way about my mom whom I lost around 10 years back as well.

  20. Lovely post! Nice to know about your dad! 🙂

  21. Aw. I am loving all the Father day posts. So sentimental and full of love. But this one is by far the best. 🙂

  22. @shilpa Thanks a lot.

    @zeba thank you for your amazing compliment and for your visit.

  23. so cute… love the whole post..
    I guess I could relate..its such a great feeling to be with your idol ..and respect is something which is also imbibed from parents and environment at home..
    happy fathers day 🙂

  24. Thanks Harman. You are right, even the quality to respect others comes from parents. As we move forward into lives, so many things that our parents did for our good become clear.

  25. nice one…..:-)

  26. That was a fitting post.You are lucky to have each other in life.Have wonderful times.

  27. Beautiful tribute to a DAD!

  28. Loved the post Rachana. A Lucky Dad!

  29. this is a lovely post!!

    ‘And, they most certainly are not cherished or celebrated the same way as mothers are.’ – totally agree, a little unfair 🙂

  30. Dads are always special. Nice writing. Heres wishing you a very happy fathers day!

  31. There shines a classic father who led by example. May God bless your company together for years to come.

    • That is the best blessing anyone can give. Thank you! I take so much pride in dad. Coming from a small village near Sultanpur, he is a self-made man, so progressive in his thought and conduct that it amazes me. He has led an honest life in the Income Tax Dept. He treats his dil just like his own girls. He supports what is right! How many people actually do that? And, I am talking very objectively here. Thanks for your kind words, Umashankar!

  32. Beautiful post, Rachna. Your love and respect for him clearly shows. Belated wishes to your dad. 🙂

  33. A lovely post, Rachna. All the best qualities that you adore your father for have been rubbed in you for sure:)

  34. Lovely post–i could have written it for my father too-ditto!