Surprised to see the title from a pet parent who dotes on her dog? Well, it’s true. I am amazed that so many people get pets without giving much thought to the decision leading to disastrous situations, mostly for the dog. It makes my blood boil to see how much abuse pet owners subject their dogs to and the poor, voiceless creatures have no one to stand up for them.

Yes, my Coco, is a fantastic pet. He is a member of my family who truly makes all of us better people. But, I also had a Yorshire Terrier, way back in college named Brando. Very few people among my current friends have heard of him. As kids, my siblings and I absolutely loved dogs. But my parents, though they were dog lovers, did not let us get one till much later in life. I was in college when we got Brando, and it would be an understatement that we spoiled him like crazy. He was an angel that could do no wrong. Our love for him was so blind that we did not get him trained or neutered. And once he turned over a year old, he started biting, actual flesh wounds that bled. He had a genetic defect due to inbreeding. We got to know that all his brothers and sisters had the same trait.

10 reasons not bring dog home

But loyal and loving as we were, we did not have the heart to give him back or away. So we stuck it out with him, even justifying how we must have done something to anger him. We still loved him but it got increasingly difficult to take care of him. We had to muzzle him and get the vet to clip his nails and even give him a bath. He lived for 10 years and we suffered having him at home but never abandoned him or threw him out. That is because we don’t bring a dog home as a disposable being who can be used and thrown as needed.

Don't get dogs

With Coco, things have been more idyllic. He is clearly one of the best-behaved dogs around, and we get a lot of compliments for being wonderful pet parents. We always pick up after him and he is so loving and friendly with everyone.

So now I get to my moot point of not getting a pet home unless you have considered these:

A pet is not use and throw

I can’t stress this enough. Please know the responsibilities that come with having a pet at home. Just like little children, they need a lot of time and energy to train them and take care of them. If you don’t have the bandwidth, don’t get a dog home. But please don’t think that abandoning them as an option. It is downright cruel to leave a pet dog on the streets to endure a painful existence and death when they have no idea how to live on the streets.

Bring your partner on board

In my gated community, I have seen homes where the husband is a dog lover while the wife not so much. Considering that many of the stay-at-home wives are the ones who have to look after the dog, it is not fair on them or the dog to force your choice. Such dogs are given no love and attention. They are often tied outdoors, in the balcony or on roof tops where they bark their heads off in the hope of some social interaction. The cruel owners think it is perfectly fine to just give them food and consider their jobs done. Their pets create a nuisance for others and lead a miserable life themselves and for what? You guys should be ashamed to call yourself pet lovers.

Pets are high maintainence

Dogs need a lot of time and energy. When you bring a puppy home, it is like having a baby. You have to worry about the meals, training them to pee and poop outside the home, give them a bath, groom them, love them, take them for walks, take them for vaccinations, tend to them when sick, take them out regularly and so on. If you don’t have enough stamina or time for all this, please don’t get a dog home. They also need lots of room to move around and for exercise so remember that if you bring in a pet in your home.

Consider allergies

If you or your children have allergies from dog hair, then please don’t get a dog. You can’t get yourself adapted to something you are allergic to.

Dogs are social beings

Don’t bring a dog home to tie him outside the home or on the terrace. Dogs love to be around family members. They don’t expect from you fancy bedding or expensive food but they want your love and company. Please don’t get a dog home if you travel a lot or have no one at home for long hours.

Dogs are expensive to keep

Just like having a child at home, dogs have heavy expenses. Food, vaccination, vet’s fees, supplements, toys, supplies etc. all cost money on a regular basis.

Your travel and daily routine will need to accommodate the dog

If you like sleeping in late or are out for long hours, don’t get a dog home. Your dog generally needs to be taken out sometime early in the morning and many times during the day. You will have to find a good boarder when you travel and those are expensive as well. If you travel for very long durations, again you will find it expensive and a little heavy on your heart to leave your pet behind.

Short life spans

We get attached to our dogs immensely and they leave a gaping hole in our lives when they go. Sadly, they do have very short lives that none of us can do anything about.

Research the breed

This is very important. Labrador Retrievers are a very friendly breed who are very good with children. I wanted that since I had young and naughty kids. Smaller breeds are naughtier and perhaps not as good with kids and so are watch dogs. Research the breed well before zeroing in on one.

Adopt or buy

It is only of late that I am aware of the cruelty that happens to breed dogs. Some of the breeders are very inhuman in the way they breed for profit. The best would be to adopt a dog and give them a loving home. If you have to get a breed then try and source them from genuine people and dog lovers. Avoid breeders and pet shops. There are many FB groups that you can join for your city that regularly put out updates for rescued dogs and other dogs in need for adoption.

So the next time your child pesters you to bring a dog home or that cute puppy on the street looks adorable, don’t give in to an impulsive decision, think out the various parameters mentioned above and make an informed choice.

Don't get dogs

Your dog will light up your life and will give you many times more than you ever spend on them. Just give them a happy and loving home. Please don’t ever abuse or abandon your pet. Remember they will give their life for you! Please don’t treat theirs shabbily.

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18 Thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Not Bring a Dog Home

  1. Love your post. It’s the need of the hour that people read this and not abandon pets after their child is bored or they can find time. All the tips are so relevant.
    I’ve never had pets but recently my apartment guard got a local pup and VT and I have got super attached to her. We adore her and so does she. We want to get one but we won’t unless we have a bigger house that gives the pet room to move around. So yes, if we get it will be a well thought decision.

  2. All points I heartily agree with. I love dogs but don’t have the bandwidth or the space to give them the time and energy they need. And that’s why I don’t have a dog. Husband grew up with two dogs and they had lots of space to let them run, play and frolic. Today even he is not okay with dogs in an apartment. He says it is cruel to the dog and restricts their movement and freedom and I have to agree. They need an independent house and lots of open space to run.

    I hope more parents read this mostly because they give in to the kid’s pleas and buy one.

  3. Just the discussion I was having early last week when I heard someone sent a dog back after bringing it home. For someone who has never had a pet, I thought it was cruel to any living being. Good advice here Rachna.

  4. I have often said this to people who say how their kids are desperate for a puppy. A dog, or for that matter any animal, is a living, breathing being who has needs other than eating and sleeping. Our responsibility towards them does not end with mere feeding them. Also, taking care of them in their old age is not easy. Oh, god, Rachna, each time I read about how dogs have been abandoned in their old age or because they were sick, my blood boils and all I want to do is go whack those people black and blue! When will people get more sensitive towards others is a question I ask myself every now and then. And, frankly, the pessimist in me has no hope. There will be people who will abandon their pets once they get bored of the responsibility. But, thankfully, we have people who are angels in disguise for opening their homes and their hearts and taking in these abandoned babies. God bless them! May their tribe increase!

  5. These are exactly the reasons why we don’t have a dog. We’re not exactly pet keeping people but of late the children have begin to pester us for one and I’ve been increasingly tempted. However it’s not happening till the kids are old enough – well into their teens – so that they can share some of the responsibility before we even think about this.

  6. I had a pet dog while I was in school whom me and my brother saw as our sibling and not as a pet. We didn’t know about dog training or sterilising dogs then and every breeding season was a nuisance. After it passed away in a road accident we never kept one again. We must have mourned for close to a month. He stayed with us for 4 years.
    These are good pointers for people wanting to keep pet dogs. I can’t though I would like to once again because of the cramped living space.

  7. Agree with you. Though i love pets, it is difficult for me to keep one at home because i love my freedom (and Saru knows about it). I guess a kid would still understand you and not fester beyond a point, but a pet won’t be able to adjust easily (it is more for you to accommodate per their needs). You would know better…

  8. True Dogs are like babies… Specially in early stages when they need to be vaccinated and trained. They need so much love, care and exercise that a family that doesn’t have time should never get a dog. We had a labrador pup when living in Bangalore and I still feel guilty for having him in that small apartment. We decided to take him to Assam, where he found a wonderful family of girls whom we knew from before. I was so relieved that my dog found a better home.
    I grew up with dogs and whenever we travelled we always hired someone to be home to take care of him. But I guess that option is not feasible anymore in today’s age. I agree with all your points and cannot stress enough how important it is for a household to be prepared before the arrival of a pup.

  9. Sadly, these days pets have become status symbols for people. I hate people who have breeds like Huskys and Bernard, but do not care for them at all. It breaks my heart to see such things. I lost my first dog 18 years ago and I still do not have the heart to get one more. The only thing that is a problem with Dogs is their short life span. Not their problem, but once they are gone a part of you leaves too. As much as I love dogs and want to have as many as I can, I don’t have the nerve to go through the pain of losing them again. It’s way too hard for me.

  10. I think we should have pets only if we love animals and really, really want to take care of them. Keeping them for any other reason is downright stupid and not to mention cruel to the animals. A lot of care and hard work goes behind keeping a pet healthy and happy. Not everyone can do that.

  11. I’ve never had a pet at home, and honestly, I don’t think I’ll have one anytime soon, mostly because of lack of bandwidth as of now. But if I ever decide to bring a pet home, I am pretty sure it will be a dog, and will definitely go the adoption route.

  12. This is such a thoughtful post, Rachna. It’s really upsetting to see how some people mistreat their dogs. Some of them actually acquire them to flaunt them as possessions, especially those expensive exotic breeds. It’s a pity that such people will never experience the unconditional love that these darlings offer. We’ve had our share of Brandos but have enjoyed some bits of those sufferings too!
    I myself have been considering on getting a pet dog once again after losing my Labrador baby, Roger, about three years ago. But we didn’t do so as my son seemed allergic to dog fur (not sure though). The doc says that the fur could have been one of the many reasons for his wheezing episodes. But now that he’s away at his University, I’m yet again tempted to get a new pet. Still considering though. Like you mentioned, it’s a lot of responsibility, but definitely a fulfilling and joyful one. ☺

  13. Short life span is what concerns me. We usually are emotionally attached to our pets and it is very difficult to move on without them. Nice article Rachana. Every pet lover should read this.

  14. Rachna, you suffered for 10 years but didn’t abandon Brando. You are a tough person with a kind heart. More power to you 🙂

  15. Many don’t realize that pets are not playthings but are like children who need caring and a lot of time.

    I hope they all read your post, Rachna

  16. Yogi Saraswat on November 29, 2017 at 2:21 pm said:

    मैं तो डरता हूँ इसलिए पसंद नहीं

  17. Very logical analysis covering up different dimensions.

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