I can’t believe that another Covid-marred year is winding to a close. Frankly after two doses of vaccine, I thought that this Covid thing was in my bag. How very wrong! But now with Omicron in the picture, one never knows now, does one?

I guess Covid has really taken us all through a roller-coaster ride. The second wave that hit India in April and May was nasty and caused a big loss of life. A fear enveloped us all, as we desperately waited for vaccines to become available while saving ourselves from getting infected because no amount of money could have bought us a hospital bed or even oxygen. Just thinking back to those days sends a shiver up my spine. I feel super grateful to simply be alive and healthy.

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In life, often a lot of things boil down to the basics. I have never stopped feeling grateful for having a family with me during all those tumultuous days. We pitched in and helped each other when emotions rode roughshod. Of course, we got on each other’s nerves a lot as well. But there is no way in hell that I would trade not having them with me.

2021 was also big on life events. On the work front, after losing my long-term gig, I had never expected to do so well just about an year and a half later. I am in a really happy space now. I joined one of the most coveted ad networks in the US.

This has made my finances more secure and bountiful. As a digital content creator, I am grateful for every person who interacts with me. For every troll, there are ten nice people who find the time to say something motivating, and it is such a shot in the arm that inspires me to do better work. I continue to grow while working in my space and at my pace. I realize that I am one of the lucky few, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this.

My older boy left home for his undergraduate studies in August. A major life event for any parents and family; four months later he is back on a short vacation home, and it feels so wonderful. As parents, we are in a better headspace now. He is well settled in his college, and we are all managing fine back home.

We also moved homes. While that is a bittersweet feeling, a change of scenery is quite refreshing too. Deep down, I think I am a nomad. I would love to live and work from different places in the world when schools and office schedules ceased to exist. A pipe dream perhaps?

I look back and think of all the emotional struggles of the pandemic too. Not being able to socialize much, not being able to meet relatives and friends took its toll too. While having family around was a huge positive, it had its drawbacks too. With no househelp, increased household work load and loss of my peace and quiet (as I work from home) was a period of turmoil.

It also made us argue more, as we spent so much time together. We handled this by reserving various spaces around the home to work and study. Thankfully, we had a large house. Also delegation of chores helped us all keep our sanity to a large extent.

Sometimes, I was called out for traits that I consider my strengths. Like my moral conviction, my ability to speak up for what I think is right and fair, my empathy for those lesser fortunate and others. But, I held strong. That fortitude is what I am grateful for. I may mope and be dejected for some time, but I can’t be held down forever. I bounce back. I pat myself on the back for this.

Two biggest lessons that these two years with Covid have taught me are gratitude and fortitude.

On that note, one of the things I look forward to in 2022 is continue to pay attention to my mental and physical health. I have started regular meditation and Yoga in 2021 and hope to continue doing them regularly.

Workouts are important for me. Not so much from the point of view of weight loss or body shape, but a way of life. I am happy to have got here. It is one of the things that is helping me tackle perimenopause which is such a challenging phase for women.

So, here’s a toast to all of us for surviving another year and finding happiness when it sometimes felt so difficult. Something I keep telling myself on an endless loop is that I am responsible for my own happiness. And hence I will continue to ignore/work on the negatives, resolve what can be resolved and let go of what can’t be and definitely hug the positives.

As lockdowns and restrictions loom large, let us spend time with loved ones at home. I am sure we will get through this new challenge as well. If you are still not vaccinated, please do.

6 Thoughts on “2021 Year End Post

  1. Loved reading this Rachna and I have seen some of your updates from last year but all together made me miss chatting with you. I want to know more about your new place, what are you cooking and like you, I also missed social interactions. As an introvert, I was also calm with being quiet. However, the second wave was hardest time for me. Mentally more than physically.
    I just hope 2022 is kinder to us all. Take care Rachna and would love to talk to you soon. Been so long <3

    • Thank you, Parul. Yes it has been a crazy couple of years. Let this Omicron wave subside and then perhaps we should meet up. I am on Sarjapur Road now. We can even chat over the phone sooner if that works. 🙂 Hope all are well in the family.

  2. A wonderful wrap up Rachna. Congratulations on the new work gig. That sounds amazing. I too am glad that I am able to work remotely. Saves me from a lot of anxiety. Hope you had a wonderful time with your elder one. Wish you a very happy new year.

    • Thanks Raj! Yes I did though he was just here for 2 weeks so yes very little time. And we practically were home all the time due to the Omicron scare. Wish you a happy new year as well.

  3. It’s been a challenging couple of years for all of us here on Earth, hasn’t it? Nevertheless, every challenge leaves behind lessons for the future. Gratitude and fortitude are valuable lessons. You had a bustling year with moving home and your son moving out for higher education.
    Wish you a fantastic 2022, Rachna!

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