Today I have the pleasure of hosting Dagny Sol of Serenely Rapt fame on my blog! Dagny inspires by her writing. Her prose is impeccable and will pull you into her stories and anecdotes that have elements that inform, entertain and make you think. As a writer, she is among the finest I’ve read. As Read More →

Have you ever studied in an all-girls school or college? I did when I passed out of school and joined the prestigious Sophia’s College in Mumbai. Till then over multiple cities, I had always studied in co-ed schools. That was the only normal I knew. In a sense, I feel that a normalcy around male-female Read More →

Anyone, who has lived in Bangalore marvels at how we manage to drive so chaotically and survive. We have suicidal drivers, maniac bike riders, aunties who veer onto the roads in a two-wheeler at snail’s pace right in front of your car, homicidal bus drivers, goons driving autorickshaws who would challenge you by giving you Read More →