As a parent, the one thing that really got my goat was the tantrum that my child threw. Both my boys went through their whining and tantrum phases. At one point, it was so difficult that I had approached a Counselor. As difficult as it seemed, she had advised me to act calm and totally Read More →

You know you take your family for granted when you are growing up. Mom, dad, siblings — they are always around. Why worry? But then you leave your home for college. It hits hard. You hold back tears and feel like a 5-year-old still hankering for mom’s and dad’s support. But, you hold on strong willing Read More →

Death is something we don’t often like to think or talk about. I am scared of death, not of dying per se, but of the very thought of having to live without someone I love. I guess we all worry about our family and friends. It is strange though that death in books, movies or Read More →

Seema was cheerful. It was a special day. She got dressed in the oversized still nice salwar kameez which once belonged to Arunima didi. The garment hung on her; pretty tones of orange and pink complementing her complexion making her look lovely despite the size of the garment. She combed her long hair and made Read More →

Siddharth Parmar, my son, blogs at Musings of a Bookworm. He is an avid reader who reads Chemistry encyclopedias in the same vein as he does his Asterix and Tintin comics. He also loves playing Football, cricket and Table Tennis. He is a quizzing enthusiast as well. I take a lot of pride in how Read More →

Just the other day, our bunch of girls/women were discussing something about professional writing, and a lovely lady complimented me on how I am able to pack in so many things in my routine and do them well. Of course, I felt happy. Every compliment is a motivator and an energizer on many levels. After Read More →

The year was 2004. I was mother to a toddler son who was just about 2 years old. A few months back, I had put him in day care to work professionally. I had successfully cleared the training and was now working as a medical transcriptionist. The only lure in the job for me was Read More →

It was just yesterday when they trustingly gave their little finger in your hands and held on to you tightly, as they talked animatedly. Now they know their way confidently. They held on to your every word, believing it like God’s universal truth till they discovered the teacher, the peer and then the internet. They Read More →

It gives me great pleasure to have done this Guest post for dear friend, Janaki Nagaraj’s blog, Memoirs of a Homemaker today. Janaki is a person I have known virtually for quite some time till I met her in Bangalore a couple of years back. What stood out for me about her apart from her Read More →